Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Ever Expanding Dungeon: Session 16, Part I

[Roll 1d6 on my Random Recruitment "for each game week" table - 4. No applicants arrive this week but I can roll again next game week.]. 

The party needed rest, so, waiting the first week out to see if any possible retainers showed up was a no-brainer. 

Near the end of the week, Sister Linkat (C:3) resumed her duties to the converts to the faith of the Hedonistic Lumberjack. The rest of the party lazed about, enjoying sleep, food and drink and getting to know the locals - they drank a lot with Perceval's (F:2) family and friends.

[New game week. Roll 1d6 on my Random Recruitment "for each game week" table - 6. Word reaches you that your advertising campaign isn't very enticing. Spend some more gold to try again]

The messengers the party had hired to post bills and spread the word returned to the village and reported that the recruitment campaign was getting a lukewarm response at best. The party decided to revise the message to one that promoted gold, treasure and adventure in a cozy work environment.

Another run to the local scribe and  hiring the same 3 messengers was an obvious choice but the party was getting anxious. Dleggit (D:1) loves the underground of course, and Kroyden (T:1), although he's been vague about it, has an obligation to fulfill that requires going to the dungeon. Still, they opted to wait for the new round of advertising to kick in.

[At this point, I decided to play GM a bit. Using the Enquiry Table v11, I asked the follow questions and generate the answer noted:

Has anything new moved into the dungeon? Yes, but it hasn't had any impact on the village
Have the goblins made nuisances of themselves? No and they aren't likely to
Have the gnolls reinforced their section of the dungeon? Yes, but this has raised tensions among the other humanoids – all humanoid reactions to dungeon invaders are +2, thus a greater chance of hostility 

New game week. Roll 1d6 on my Random Recruitment "for each game week" table -  5. No applicants but may check again next week

I was getting antsy now, never mind the PCs, so I polled the party using my method for group decision making in solo games (the Mythic level and result of a Mythic check appears next to their question:

Does Dleggit Want to go back in? Very likely. Yes.
Does Kroyden? Likely. Yes
Does Sister Linkat? Unlikely (she has things to attend to) but , yes, she supports the idea of making an attempt to explore one of the stairways
Does Perceval? 50/50 Yes, 44 (doubles means Random Event), close a thread: overindulge, the innocent. ]

Having partied with his friends and family and fellow adventurers for nearly 3 weeks,  Perceval thought it time to get back into the dungeon - the longer the wait, the more likely any gains made would be lost, if they hadn't been lost already. 

The party decided to go in and hoped that, in the meantime, word spread about the job openings.
After hiring Waldu (0-level human) again, the party spent the evening pouring over the map to determine which stairwell was closest to an entrance - to avoid having to traverse through potentially deadly areas of the dungeon.

In the morning, they made their way to the entrance where the first exploration began some 60 [game] days ago.


  1. I eagerly await Session 16, Part II.

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