Thursday, April 4, 2013

Nuts! 2.0 Lunch Time Perimeter Defense

I've been playing Mission 1 from Nuts! 2.0 a lot. Like 10 or 20x in the past week. I find it surprisingly fun and challenging, which probably says more about my poor use of tactics than anything else.

Anyway, I wanted to do a somewhat bigger game and decided to try a mission, starting with just one squad on the table. I rolled up my American infantry squad and rolled perimeter defense. My objective: prevent the Germans from exiting off my board edge. Enemy Activity Level (EAL) of 4, Support level of 3.

For those unfamiliar with the THW method, the table is broken down into 9 sections, numbered Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

                                 1 2 3
                                 4 5 6
                                 7 8 9

The main terrain type was Woods, and all but section 3, 4, 8 and 9 were just that. 3 contained a building, as did 9. 4 contained a hill, while 8 was a wooded hill.

I started the game with my BAR team  in section 7 and my rifle team in section 9.

3 PEFs (possible enemy force) markers started out on the table in 2, 3 and 5. One resolved to nothing early on, and then the Germans got reinforcements: an entire section - 9 men that entered in section 3.

The 2nd PEF also resolved to nothing.

Feeling smug, I moved my BAR team from 7 to join  the rest of the squad in 9.

During this time we made contact with the German reinforcement section, which went in my favor. It was in the bag.

And then I resolved the final PEF:

Panzer IV!
That mess in the background is a portion of my hobby supplies.

 "Are you KIDDING ME?"

Lacking any anti-tank weapons other than satchel charges, and rolling some bad In Sight checks, led to the tank's co-ax MG taking out the corporal and forcing the 2 privates on the roof to take Man Down tests, which they failed miserably - they Hunkered Down with virtually no hope of being rallied.

Fast forward a smidge and the Sargent (Rep 5) and a Rifleman (Rep 4) who were hiding behind the stone wall, decided to go for Who Wants to Be a Hero? and passed their Wanting to Charge.

Over the Wall ...
For the curious: The thick book in the background is Dungeon Crawl Classics, on top of that is Basic Fantasy, and on top of that is the Nuts! 2.0 Rulebook.
In hindsight, that was a terrible idea. 

I should have had them sneak through the house and out the back - maybe taking the time to rally the guys on the roof and then get out of there. 

Instead, the tank crew passed the In Sight and opened fire again with the co-ax.


With the expected results:

I called the game here as a German victory.


  1. That did look like fun! Simple, straight-forward, yet still filled with action (and hard decisions).

    BTW, the body of the Pz IV is backwards... :)

    Best regards,


    1. Oops! I'll chalk that up to my being flustered by revealing a tank for that last PEF.:D

      The game was a lot of fun. I spent a fair bit of time flipping pages to read the PEF and Non Player movement tables as they came up, but I suspect that, over time, I'll need to refer to those tables less often. By the end, I knew broadly speaking what passing 2d6 and 1d6 meant for the PEFs.


  2. Nice batrep, I like the figures too. Never a good idea to charge into a tank. You need to somehow suppress it and sneak up from outside of firing arc to apply the satchel charges. But fun none the less.

    1. Hi Sean,

      Thanks! The figures are Toy Soldiers of San Diego. The tank is Classic Toy Soldier.

      Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. It might have worked if I had sent two separate groups at it and forced the tank crew to take a focus test. It's a gamble that either group would make contact, of course.

      The other thing I did wrong was bunching up my entire squad in the building. I should have set the BAR team up in the forested hill in section 8. That might have given me a chance to flank the tank and place my charge.