Friday, April 12, 2013

My First Hangout/roll20 Game

art by Carl Nash
I had a chance to play in my first virtual game tonight - a session of Labyrinth Lord in the legendary Stonehell.

The game is being run "by the book", but players are allowed to roll 3d6 per stat and rearrange. I decided to simply roll 3d6 in order.

The result was Zorkon, a 1st level Magic User. I also rolled my HP and got a 2. I'm OK with that. As a fan of DCC's funnel, I really enjoy the challenges the low HP brings to the game.

So, how was the game?

From the standpoint of being able to play an old-school game and dungeon while on baby monitor duty and with my cat in my lap, it was pretty awesome.

We had a lot of players - 7  - which is great for survival, but not so much for having opportunities to contribute, especially when Sleep is your spell and undead  are the primary creature in the section we opted to explore. Of course, I'm probably more than a little spoiled thanks to my solo games.

Still, I got to interact with an "oracle" and i hurled a dart over a dwarf's head to take down a damaged skeleton. And Zorkon made it out of the dungeon, got some gold, and earned 325 xp, so, I think I did OK with my resources.

I had fun and I'll definitely be back - it's a laid back group, and if I have to duck out because my son starts crying, the GM is cool with it. Since it's a drop in/drop out kind of game, I also don't have to worry about leaving anyone in a lurch if my schedule doesn't allow it in a given week.

The whole experience made me realize how much I want to run a dungeon crawl, and also how I'd like to try and play in a game on other nights too.

Oh, and one thing I noticed, playing solo has given me near perfect recall about most of the common rules and some of the uncommon ones. Just another way in which solo gaming can inform social gaming.


  1. I'm glad that you had fun . . . but please don't forget about the ever-expanding dungeon . . . some of us are waiting for the next episode.

    -- Jeff

    1. Hi Jeff,

      No danger of that! Playing in the social game was inspiring - Stonehell is an interesting place. It got me fired up to get my party back into their dungeon.


  2. There are some guys playing bolt action via hangouts - i think this is a great gaming tool. Roleplayngi would be great as a HO.

    1. Bolt Action? I'm intrigued.

      How are they doing that? Are they using a virtual table top or is someone pointing their camera at a table full of minis?