Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Books! The Mini Manor! Craigslist Loot!

I returned home from Buffalo, NY on Sunday night - the trip was fantastic: gaming, hanging out with friends (new and old), seeing family, and enjoying beautiful weather - but, barring the maelstrom that is work this time of year, it's great to be home.

One thing I made sure to do while I was on my trip was to visit one of my favorite used bookstores, Rust Belt Books. Many years ago, when I still lived in Buffalo, Rust Belt really defined for me what I expect from such places, and over the years it has only gotten better. I still haven't found a used book store in Atlanta that I like.

In any case, here's my small haul of appendix N/B62 authors for $6:

I use my laptop to prop up books for photos, hence the "chrome" in the background.
I had to refrain from buying more - I'm reading The Art of Warfare in the Age of Marlborough right now, and there are already several books in the queue behind it.

Upon returning home, I had an awesome surprise waiting for me from Tim Shorts of Gothridge Manor:

I can not wait to play this!

I have had great fun soloing Tim's adventures in the "regular size" issues of The Manor, so I'll be running this one solo, of course. It's designed for one character, too, thus eliminating the schizophrenia of playing a mutli-pc party.

Finally, just before the trip, I was poking around on Craigslist and managed to pick up these for $25 total:

The best part is that the Rules Cyclopedia accounted for just five of those dollars.

I'm unsure if I'm going to keep it or resell it. It looks interesting, and the bestiary has some fun looking stuff, but I have to give it a thorough going over to see if it's something I'll make use of regularly. It commands a decent price on eBay - one that could underwrite other hobby expenses - and that's very tempting.

And, for those waiting for, you know, actual gaming content, I hope to play the next session of The Ever Expanding Dungeon tonight, after I do some painting.

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