Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Year, New (Social) Game: Wastelands Game Session 3

A brief bit of background: the PCs have opposing goals - Pa Ku had pledged to escort Jade to the city of Hakami and to deliver her to a woman there, but Jade had designs to go to Nekheb, a city rumored to have a school for those with "special gifts".

Hakami was farther, but a potentially safer route with opportunity to re-supply at  plenty of mapped villages/way stations, while Nekheb was closer, but required crossing the Plains of the Emperor's Undying Darkness, never mind that the map showed no villages along this route.

[Here I let the players have at it, role playing the discussion ]

It took a bit of convincing, but Pa Ku agreed to escort Jade to Nekheb, figuring the spirit of the request from Jade's father was more important than the letter - especially if following it to the letter meant Jade would be hostile or try to run again.

A few days into their journey, and needing water, they came upon the village of Meridian - a gloomy place where the people eek out a living as cattle herders - although the herds are quite small.

Pa Ku offered his healing services to the villagers in exchange for permission to take water from the village cisterns. The deal was struck, the healing performed and in the morning, their water skins full, they made their way towards the mountains that stood between them and Nekheb, rather than try to go north and around said mountains.

Days later, and low on water again, fate [me] provided a strange pool at the base of a mountain - the liquid was more viscous than water, and didn't stir even when a breeze blew. Jade bravely took a swig and found it had restorative properties, Pa Ku took a swig and found it tasted awful (and had to roll an attribute check to avoid becoming nauseous). Even with the threat of nausea, the party opted to fill up on the liquid. 

[The water is healing/normal/nauseating (with appropriate penalties). Which it is can't be determined until it's drunk, and the die is rolled each time for each person - Shrodinger's Water if you will.]

Jade discovered a dried stream bed leading up into the mountains and they decided to take that route, in hopes it would get them to their destination more quickly.

On the trek, they came to a scene of vicious slaughter - the rended bodies of miners outside the mines entrance. Many of the body parts bore burns as well. It wasn't long before the assailant returned - a mutant pterodactyl shooting laser beams from its eyes, ridden by a homunculus. [The players gave me a "WTF?" look]

There was a brief bit of combat in which the pterodactyl was hit with Jade's tazer, just before the party ran into the mine. It was driven off due to the creative use of Jade's cell phone [in play, Jade doesn't know it's a cell phone, just that it makes noise, has buttons and a display] and the party chose to spend the night in the mine.

The remainder of the journey was uneventful and the session ended with the party a short distance from the city of Nekheb, which towers out of the wasteland, built upon the ruins of an ancient city.

Getting in will be their next challenge.

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