Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Things Get Stabby in Skalafell

[This is a summation of 2 sessions - the first was quite brief

After thinking it over, it seemed to me that it would be easier for Ariale, and I imagine many people new to RPGs generally, to play a single character, in this case, Fjörgyn. Charlie Bucky was present as a side-kick, necessary from a survival point of view, but not from a learning of the game viewpoint. 

Enter Black Streams : Solo Heroes. I really like this product, which sits atop any b/x-type game, and hope to put it to use in a solitaire game someday, but in the meantime, it will make it far more likely that Fjörgyn can survive just fine on her own, with a few henchman hired here and there.

The 1st of the two sessions began with a discussion about how to play RPGs, sandboxes, player driven adventure, etc. I think it will be obvious in a minute.]

Fjörgyn and her party made their way out of the dungeon and back to down, after their harrowing encounter with some fire beetles that left the party pretty beat up (see last write-up). They could hear horrible wailing and moans coming from the desecrated shrine of the Forgetful Bear, but there were other things to do.

After resting over night, Charlie Bucky parted company for Hedeby and a life in the big city. 

Although  Badir and Zelligant didn't notice it, there was a gleam in Fjörgyn's eyes when she dismissed them for the day. 

Zelligant went to spend the day plying his trade (he's a tailor remember). Badir headed to the tavern - really, where else do masked wanderers spend their days?

With the henchmen departed, Fjörgyn set off to pay old man Alfarinson another visit. Along the way, her eyes darted about looking for a gift for the voodoo-witch doctor-hermit-type, and found an antler to gift to him.

The old man was working near the side of his hut, drying a deer skin over a fire. Fjörgyn approached and after a brief exchange, accused him of being one of the cultists and. basically, the embodiment of evil. He told her to leave, but she refused. With elven reflexes, she snatched the antler out Alfarinson's hands and stabbed him.

Unfortunately, the furs and leather he wore absorbed much of the blow and she only managed a minor wound. Instead of dying, he was enraged. He reached down and grabbed a flaming log, and it was on!

To her surprise, no doubt, the old man put up a tough fight - and it didn't help matters that part way through the battle, a divine light shone around him, which clearly rejuvenated him. Just as Fjörgyn finally managed to cut the old man down, she heard a shrill scream behind her and turned to catch a glimpse of a little girl running back towards the front of house.

A moment later, the door slammed shut.

Around back of the hut, she found a dirty, thick glass window, and could only make out a door opposite on an interior wall. After covering the body with the deer skin, she first thought about trying to seal the girl inside, but, given that the door opened into the hut, that would prove difficult. As thunder and then rain moved in, she kicked the door down.

Finding nothing, she made her way to the door opposite, and knocking it open, found herself in a small bedroom - the same room she had spied from outside. After lighting the lantern near the bed, she rifled through the suspicious lump of skins and furs, but found no one. 

Her search was interrupted by the sounds of heavy clomping on the front porch, followed by a man's voice calling out "We know you're here Old Man!"

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  1. And this is why AD&D added a Good-Evil axis to alignment.