Monday, June 9, 2014

Nuts! Final Edition - 1st Impressions

As I noted on Friday, I received my print copy of Nuts! Final Edition from THW (I got the PDF immediately on purchase, but I only skimmed it).

Borrowing the approach taken in CR3:FV, the book has review paragraphs and sample situations that gives it a workbook like feel. I think this is a good approach but it would help if they showed the answers to the questions somewhere (For those that are not directly in the text itself. if they're there, I haven't seen them yet).

Most of the first 29 pages is similar or identical to Nuts! 2.0. The most obvious difference is the In Sight check.

Unlike Nuts! 2.0, both sides take the test. This check is based on, but not identical to the test in CR3:FV. Instead of individuals acting in order of number of successes, the group with the leader that scores the most successes gets to take an action, in order of REP, while the other group can only react. 

One thing not addressed, or not clearly, is how to handle things when an active group (Side A) triggers the In Sight for two or more enemy groups (Side B). The problem specifically is the modifiers - if one group for Side B has concealment and one group does not, does Side A subtract a d6 or not?

I decided that yes, they did. For those not inclined to make their own rulings, I suggest submitting questions to the THW discussion forum. They are VERY responsive.

The second notable change is the reduction of reaction checks. The familiar checks are still there, but the table is better organized and looks less intimidating. 

I've only worked through some contrived examples, but, so far, I am quite happy with these rules - the In Sight looks like it might eliminate some of the frustrations I felt with the previous incarnation.

For me, the real test will be trying to run a game with a platoon , using the War Against Japan supplement (that supplement assumes a platoon vs platoon or more as the standard encounter, rather than squads that you find in the core book). I'll probably give that a go this week.


  1. Sounds good. I look forward to seeing some battle reports. The problem for me right now is that I've been sitting on so many rule sets that I haven't played yet.

    1. Hi Sean, I know that situation well. I just picked up Price of Glory (PDF) and I'm contemplating Through the Mud & Blood now too (which would put me up to 4 WW1 rule sets and I still have no minis for it)! At least with PDFs, I feel less guilt since they don't take up shelf space! - John

  2. You are helping me feel better about buying Nuts! Final edition last week. I have loads of WW2 rulesets, but have just decided (i.e. been distracted) to play some skirmish games with about 10 a side. I usually play battalion games not a 1:1. I have never played NUTS! but have always been keen. I now have an excuse and hope to start playing this week too.

    1. Hi Shaun,
      Thanks for the comment! I started out 1:1 gaming with only a handful of figures and only recently got into the idea of playing larger actions. I recommend starting with 5 or less figures per side with Nuts! (the sample scenario included in Nuts!2.0 involved 4 US assaulting a farm house with 5 Germans, one of which was armed with an MG-42). It will help to get the feel of the reaction checks without being too overwhelming. And, if you run into questions, check the THW discussion group (it used to be on Yahoo, it might still be) - they answer very quickly.

    2. John,

      I am a little familiar with THW rules, having played a lot of Rally Round the King. But the NUTS etc reaction system is very different kettle of fish to that. I was thinking of taking a whole section (10 men) but I think I will go with your suggestion of 5 men for the first time, just to try it out. Note the THW forum has moved to its own site: