Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Return to The Ever Expanding Dungeon : The Tools

This is just a bit of administrative information for those who are curious as to what I will be using going into the revived solitaire campaign:

Despite the fact that I am running two B/X social games, or maybe because of it, the rules will continue to be Labyrinth Lord, at least in name. 

The differences from B/X are so minor as to be mostly irrelevant. If I was going to truly switch systems, I would switch to Swords & Wizardry Whitebox,  Dungeon Crawl Classics, AD&D, or perhaps a Microlite version. 

Maybe if there's a TPK I'll consider it.

I may bring out classes and spells from the Advanced Edition Companion, but I am undecided about that, for the moment.

The D30 DM Companion will continue to be consulted for general info about the dungeon, room details, doors and traps, treasure generation, encounters with monsters (wandering and otherwise) and supplying stats as well, when I don't feel like rifling through LL or the AEC.

My dungeon generator from issue 2 of 6 Iron Spikes & a Small Hammer will get a chance to do more than generate small sample dungeons, as it will become the primary generator going into this 2nd season of The Ever Expanding Dungeon. That said, I reserve the right to cycle through all of my many iterations of random dungeon generators.

I will also be using the room name generator and the simple trap generator, from the same issue, as opportunity presents itself.

Mythic GME is the soloist's best friend, and I have found Mythic Variations to be helpful as well, so both will be regularly featured. 

Other randomizers will get their due, including Rory's various cubes, writer's dice, various card based products, etc. 

Finally, the tables that I used previously: my Is the Monster Here? table, my locked/trapped table, my decision making method for groups, and of course, the approach to enemy hit points found in the comments to this post.


  1. I'm looking very much forward to this. Your adventures are always an enjoyable read!

    Something I think would fit right in with your style is a short article from the old "The Dungeoneer" magazine, called, "Reaction Graphing." The issue is long out of print (1980), but here is a link to photos I took of the respective pages. I think you might like it. It's a very short article.

    1. Thanks, Kelroy! I need to read through this. I've saved it to my Kindle and hope to give it a read before the next delve.

  2. Enough teasing us, John. Get those dice a-rolling and see what happens, eh?

    -- Jeff

  3. That's an interesting idea, Kelroy.

    Thanks for posting your list of resources, John! Could prove useful.

    I agree with Kelroy, and seconding Jeff. ha ha