Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Nuts! Final Edition : First Patrol AAR pt 2

We resume our patrol (click the pictures to enlarge).

After these pictures were taken, I decided to add some stone walls to the houses. Such is life.

Turn 1 - I rolled 1d6 per side and tied with 6s. That's greater than the Interest Level of 2, so no random event.

Turn 2 - Again I rolled doubles this time 2s. Because that's less than or equal to the IL, a random event is triggered (random events are optional. I like them, so I figured what the heck. I mean, how bad could it be?

I dutifully rolled on the random event table and got sniper. Since I was treating my squad as 2 groups (Cpl. Malazar, Pvt. Perceval and Pvt. Manchiever in one, and all the rest in the other), per the rules, I rolled first to see which group the sniper would target, and then which figure in the group.

As luck would have it, the sniper targeted the BAR group, and shot at the gunner, Pvt Perceval. To resolve the attack, I rolled 1d6 to add to the sniper's Rep 4 and scored a hit (which was easy since the target was in the open). 

The d6 for damage was 4, and since the Impact of the weapon is only 3, Pvt Perceval got a chance to escape death.

Rolling 2d6 on the Infantry Reaction Test, using the Recover Test row, Perceval, at Rep 5, had a good chance to skate through. 6 and 2. Oops. He only passed 1 and was Out of the Fight.

I rolled a Crisis Test (Man Down) for Malazar and Manchiever - Manchiever, at Rep 3, unsurprisingly passed only 1 and he hit the dirt (duck back-goes prone) but Cpl. Malazar stood tall.

Turn 3 - I rolled and AGAIN tied, this time with 5s. I figured it was time to switch dice.

Turn 4 - US 4, Germans 3.That's more like it.

And here, because the total is 7, I should have checked to see if I got reinforcements, since my die was higher. But I forgot to do it! Noooooo!

Malazar ordered Manchiever to grab the BAR as they moved to get a bead on the farm house.

When there's a building, the assumption is there's a PEF inside which gets resolved when you're within LOS and 12". 

Rolled 2d6 against the Enemy Interest Level to see if PEF in building was anything.

this picture was taken at the end of the US 1/2 of the turn, hence the narrative inconsistency.
The building PEF resolved by pass one die - this means nothing is there, but,the next PEF roll will use 3d6 to resolve, and take the two lowest.

Orecchiette's group took off for a Fast Move towards the house - unlike the previous editions, the Fast Move rule is written as +1/2 movement for each d6 passed. I rolled 1 set of d6 for the group: 2, 6. That means the all pass one. Movement is 8", so 12" total (8" + (1/2 * 8") ).

The German half of the turn:

The PEF farthest from my force passed two dice, and as a result moved 8" towards me, using the hill and 2nd building as cover.

The next farthest from me also passed two dice, moved 8" to the edge of the woods and triggered an In Sight between the PEF and Sgt. Orecchiette's group.

First I had to resolve the PEF though.

Because of the result I got for the building PEF, I rolled 3d6 instead of 2d6 vs the Enemy Interest Level, counting the lowest two. The PEF passed two dice. A roll of a single d6 told me to roll on the Enemey Reinforcements Table, rather than the Enemy Defensive Position table. When I rolled on the reinforcements table for the Germans, I found it was an infantry squad.

Germans get 5 + 1d6 men per squad and I rolled a 4.

Ugh. I guess it could have been worse.

Up next, the In Sight check, shooting and chaos!


  1. With the 1/32 figures, what size table is that you are using?

    I actually remember now I have a collection of painted 1/35 figures a friend gave me to store a few years ago. I did a search on skirmish rules about 5-7 years ago to use them and NUTS seemed the best choice for them. But then he moved overseas. He had the figures from when he was a teen but never gamed with them. I am going to get them out in a few years if he does not come back, just to get them played with.

    1. Hi Shaun,
      The table I'm using for this game is 3' x 4'. Occasionally, I'll play on the kitchen table (3' x 5'), or that unfinished wood board you see in the pictures , covered with a cloth, which is 4' x 4'.

      I use 25mm/28mm ranges for movement and weapons usually - Nuts! doesn't have a ground or time scale, so it really doesn't matter in that respect. I know people into simulation cringe, but I very much like to emphasize the toy nature of the game when i use the big figures (hence my scenery). If you find that too jarring and want to use the big figures, just cover your table with LOS-blocking and movement hampering terrain.

      Frankly, I think you should break out that 1/35 collection and give them a go-round on the table! There's something about the big guys that you just can't get from smaller scales.

  2. I will get them out. I may not play NUTS! but may play something with my children. I have never played with figures that large. OK, I have actually remembered my very first wargame was in 1979 using 1/35 figures and WRG WW2 skirmish rules at a friend's house.