Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ten Games x 10

Inspired by Itinerant Hobbyist: 10 Games Challenge (which goes back to a boardgamegeek challenge if you follow the links), I put some thought into the games I'd like to play 10x to really learn this year. 

With only 6 months left, it's going to be a tight squeeze, but fortunately, a few of these are already under way and at least two take less than 15 minutes to play.

Now if a game is just not fun after a few plays, you can abandon it and replace it with another one.

  • Nuts! Final Edition - I've played this 1x (not counting just testing out the rules). I'll probably play several one-offs (including the Chocolate & Cigarettes section), before using the included campaign system.
  • Blitzkrieg Commander - Similar in coverage to ‘Tactical Combat’ WWII rules  which I like and are pretty simple.  I'll see if there's enough special about it, and whether or not I like the chrome, to make it worth changing systems.
  • Song of Blades and Heroes - I have had this for awhile. I even got the first Reaper Bones Kickstarter so I could field warbands for it. I also have Drums and Shakos, and Flying Lead, so this will be my gateway drug for Ganesha Games stuff.
  • Swords & Wizardry : Whitebox - As the new rule set for The Ever Expanding Dungeon campaign, this is a gimme. It also sets the length of Season 2 (if you will) to at least 10 "episodes", no matter how many TPKs.
  • Tunnels & Trolls - 5.x. Ariale has been playing some solos and it's got me wanting to play. Plus, I have the freebie PDFs from the Kickstarter that are calling to me.
  • Adventure Maximus - My Kickstarter reward arrived yesterday and I really really really want to play this!
Board/Card/Dice Games:
  • Urbion - Solitaire card game from Z-Mann. I've already played several times (I'll say 5x, which is probably an underestimate). I want to bring in the advanced options.
  • Battle Over Britain - I've played this a few times this year, but I'll say twice. I want to try all of the options though, and the additional solitaire enhancements.
  • Mice & Mystics - I have only played this once, and it wasn't this year, so that doesn't count. The rules aren't complicated, but I remember it took watching the video in order to really grok it.  My goal is to play the included campaign solo.
  • Pathfinder Card Game : Rise of the Rune Lords - I admit, the box is kind of intimidating


  1. I'd like to play with YOU 10x.

  2. I'm glad the post inspired you.

  3. I have the exact same Miniature games on my list - BKC I am just completeing 6mm forces now, SBH I have played a few times and it was quite fun and Nuts I have forces for jusy getting terrain. Cheres