Sunday, June 8, 2014

Excuse me, I GURPS-ed.

The other day I was invited by one of the players in my Trelleborg campaign  to join a 1x a month campaign he is starting. The system: GURPS 3rd ed.

Friday night, we met for the character generation session.

I once tried to create a GURPS character using the quickstart rules, but I didn't get very far. This time, with someone with the core book and compendiums for the advantages / disadvantages, I was able to create a complete character.

It's really weird to use points to build a character when you're used to rolling some d6 and constructing the character as you go. Still, it isn't difficult - and, I suppose I could have built a character to meet a concept, instead, I looked for disadvantages that seemed like fun and let my concept develop as I "shopped."

When all is said and done, I like the concept I have - a surgeon, trained by the army, who suffers from solipsism and extreme motion sickness, and who performs illegal back alley sterilizations for women who don't want to be breeders for the state.

The game is set in what is now the near future, although when the setting was created it was a bit further off. One of my co-conspirators is a chemist (the character that is) and I'm not sure what the other player is going to bring to the table, since they weren't there. In any case, we're not in pseudo-Medieval Europe anymore, Toto.

We also did a sample combat just to see how it works. Conceptually, I think I get it - at least at a high-level. Actually playing it though, never mind memorizing it, is going to take some effort.

My goal, besides getting to play in a game that sounds enjoyable, is to learn GURPS well enough that I can make use of the WWII sourcebooks I have and either run some very detailed small scale skirmishes with miniatures, or perhaps run a small straight up GURPS WWII role-playing campaign.

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