Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nuts! Final Edition : First Patrol AAR pt 3 (In Sight, Shooting, Crisis Tests)

We now resume our battle already in progress...

The Germans are all REP 4 and so would roll 4 dice for In Sight, except they are active, so they only roll 3. The US leader, Sargent Orecchiette, is Rep 5, and so rolls 5 dice - except the Germans are concealed and thus rolls only 4.

A success is a 1,2, or 3 - we tie with 1 success each. In case of tie, the rules say roll again, so, I roll again. The second time, the Germans win it 3:1.

My men are totally in the open (I thought about having them go prone at the end of their move, but then thought, "Nah! I got this." ) and so the results are horrific.

The MG-42 rolls 6 dice and targeted the first 3 men. A rule I don't remember from Nuts! 2.0 is that for every inch between figures, the shooter has to allocate 1 die to the empty space. 

The rifles and SMG target 1 each.
  • Theodotous, was hit, but passed 2, so he is knocked down but can carry on.
  • Irongrim is Out of the Fight and Blarg is Out of the Fight
  • Orecchiette also passes 2 and is knocked down but can carry on normally.
  • Pvt Linkat  was both fired on and suffered a man down, so he rolls the dice once and checks to see which is the worse result- he passed two and between those choices, the result for Man Down was worse EXCEPT he was Outgunned and he should have Ducked Back.

The PEF in the woods advances through the German line and thankfully is nothing.

Turn 5 -Germans 4, US 1

Well, crap!

Before I did anything else, I had to check to see if the Germans will pursue their objective. So, I rolled on the NP Pursuing the Objective table (p. 76) vs. their Rep of 4. They passed 1 die and since I wasn't on the enemy's flank, they would move in accordance with their objective.

Wait. What was their objective?

Under the NP (non-player) Enemy section it notes that on your first patrol, they are on a patrol (1-2), Defend (3-4), or Attack (5-6). I rolled a 6, so they were on an Attack mission. I decided that their objective would be to take the red-roofed farm house.

With that squared away, I rolled on the NP Infantry Movement - Attack table.

They had 2x as many figures as I had on the table (not Out of the Fight, that is) and got a bonus die. Of course, they passed 2 and their tactic would be to fire with the LMG team, while the rifle team moved around to my left.

The MG-42 opened fire on Orecchiette , Linkat and Theodotus
  • Theodotus is hit, no damage, but he scores a knock down result. He's already down, so he stays there.
  • Linkat is Out of the Fight.
  • Orecchiette  is not hit, but received fire. He scored a carry on,but he's outgunned, so he stays prone (but now in Duck Back).

The   rifle team then advanced and opened fire - Orecchiette is killed, Theodotus is Out of the Fight.

this picture was taken after turn 6, but it shows the aftermath of turn 5.
Malazar and Manchiever attempted to fast move around the house but I rolled 5 and 6, so Malazar made it, but Manchiever, a Rep 3, passed 0d6 and can’t keep up.

Since Malazar came into LOS, I had the sides check for In Sight. 

The Germans had two groups (at this point, the MG-42 team was still in the woods). Each group rolled its own In Sight. 

Malazar beat them both, and got the jump on the Germans. He opened up on the LMG gunner and missed.

The gunner passed 1 on his Crisis Test, and since he's not outgunned, he snap fired. Malazar is hit, but he passes 2d6 and  is only knocked down.

Turn 6 Germans 2 , US 1

The last PEF advances into LOS of Malazar and Manchiever - I roll to see what it is and pass 0d6. WOO!! Finally, some luck!

I check on the NP Pursuing the Objective table and then the NP Infantry Movement - Attack table: the Germans advance and regroup.

I'm outnumbered and outgunned. And, since discretion is the better part of valor, I have Malazar and Manchiever scuttle off the table.


  1. I'm not a wargamer, but the G.I. Combat pictures make me wish I were!

    Do all your dead PCs reincarnate in WWII?

  2. That was fast and bloody. I am looking forward to giving NUTS! a go (soon, really).