Thursday, May 22, 2014

Things Go Awry in the Dungeon Near Skalafell

The other night, we played the next installment of Fjörgyn and friends in the dungeon near Skalafell. Here is the tale of that session.


After resting for a bit, the party re-lit their torches, and Fjörgyn chose to lead them back up the steps into the store room to root about the items there: seems she had gotten the idea the chests might have coin or other treasure. With Charlie Bucky and Badir watching the exits, Fjörgyn and her faithful side-kick, Zelligant fussed about with the chests.

Out in the darkness of the hallway to the north, Badir caught sight of glowing orbs moving towards them and coming in fast. 

The chests abandoned, Charlie Bucky and Fjörgyn rushed to the door to see four giant fire beetles closing in on them.

Fjörgyn unleashed an arrow but it did little good and soon the battle was joined.

The gods (the dice gods, that is) were kind to Zelligant and Badir, but both Fjörgyn and Charlie Bucky took significant damage before the surviving beetles were driven off.

Licking their wounds, literally perhaps in Charlie Bucky's case, they returned to the potential treasures. Their luck went from bad to worse.

Unable to open a locked box, Fjörgyn had Badir use his club to smash it.

Although successful, he triggered the sleep gas trap inside, which quickly filled the room with its haze. With some relief, here, finally, was a moment of luck for the party: only Badir slumped to the ground unconscious. 

Fjörgyn decided to let him sleep while they scooped out the silver and gold inside the box.


  1. I have some sympathy for your characters since . . .

    . . . one of my characters managed to kill himself while trying to open an UNTRAPPED chest.

    "How?" you ask. Well first the GM asked me what I was doing and I showed him, swinging an axe down at the chest. "Fine" he said, "roll to hit".

    FUMBLE . . . "okay" he said, "roll on the table" . . . 00 . . . "hmmm, crit hit self" . . . "okay roll on the crit hit table" . . . I get "cut off leg".

    You guessed it, in demonstrating how I was swinging the axe, if I missed the chest it could easily have hit my leg. . . . I also rolled max damage (which was enough to kill me) and, of course, I was alone.

    Yeah, your characters have nothing on me . . . and I have sympathy for your characters and the sleep gas since I've done things even stupider than that.

    -- Jeff

    1. This was my first experience with a trapped chest. It took me a moment to figure out why Badir was napping and not gagging or something!
      Not only do I have to worry about booby trapped treasure, now I can also worry about potentially chopping my own leg off. -sighs-
      The more you know!

    2. I did not, but they look so awesome that I sort of want to BE a Mimic!

    3. Halloween is only five months away.

  2. Could have been worse. It wasn't poison gas...