Monday, May 5, 2014

The Adventure in Skalafell Continues

When we last left our heroineFjörgyn, she and Charlie Bucky met up with Zelligant and Badir outside of The Queen's Cauldron. 

Having thought it over, she decided  that rather than leaving town, she wanted to get some more information about the missing girl, Thorifinna, from the girl's father. However, he was nowhere to be found and did not answer when the party knocked on the door of his cottage.

[To my surprise, she left the cottage standing. Most players, in my experience, would have set it aflame for no reason.]

A brief discussion with one of the older farmers in the village gave some insight into the interesting connection of the villager slain by the ghoul and the missing girl's father - the slain villager was having an affair with the girl's mother.

Returning to the Shrine of the Forgetful Bear to ask Sister Rebecca some questions, Fjörgyn found the good Sister uncooperative [this was determined by dice rolls]. When offered some gold to help grease the wheel a bit, Sister Rebecca responded with visible scorn [a terrible reaction roll brought this about] and told the party to go find the girl, after which she closed the door on them.

Irritated by the rebuff, and possessing a general dislike of Sister Rebecca anyway, Fjörgyn  produced the still beating human heart she had recovered from the ghoul's tomb and placed it on the steps of the shrine as a warning to Sister Rebecca that she means business.

To everyone's surprise, the sky quickly filled with clouds, rain poured down, lightning cracked and the thunder sounded much like the roar of a bear. 

The carving of a bear's head above the shrine's entrance exploded into dust as a thick blackness oozed out of the heart, up the stairs and under the door.

The party wisely trudged off in the downpour to the dungeon.

[The party made it into the dungeon and spent about 6 turns in there when we had to end the session for the night. I'll save the recounting of those early moments for the next time.]


  1. Moral of the story . . . you shouldn't be snotty to people who have extra beating hearts.

    I look forward to the next installment.

    -- Jeff

    1. Exactly!
      Especially since it was Sister Rebecca who asked for Fjorgyn's help in the first place. The nerve!

  2. Fjörgyn needs to practice the following phrases:

    "Who? me?"
    "Beating heart? ewww!"
    "I have no idea what you're talking about."
    "Psst...**look around** You should talk to Zelligant. He has at least two fake identities. It was probably him."
    "Would you like to borrow my thumbscrews?"

    1. There is also something a bit off about this cat in plate mail...

  3. So, is Fjörgyn in the elvish mafia?

    1. You, you keep your mouth shut or you'll be sleeping with the Aquatic Elves.

    2. All I can hear is the faint sound of crickets...