Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Return to Skalafell

Forever ago it seems, I ran the follow up session of Fjörgyn's adventure in Skalafell.


When we last left our heroine, she stood towering over the dead monster. 

She wasted no time exploring but instead decided to get Thora back to Skalafell - perhaps to make up for leaving the poor Grungo behind in the last underground escapade. With Zelligant's help, she carried Thora's lifeless body to the Shrine of the Forgetful Bear, where Sister Rebecca could tend to the rites of the dead. When offered healing, Fjörgyn declined and instead went off to the Queen's Cauldron for a little socializing with the locals, intent on finding another hireling.

She moved around the bar from stool to stool ("but there wasn't gum under any of them") and spread the word that she was looking for another to join her gang of merrymakers (not her words). Of course, the scent of death hung thick in the air about her, with two of the locals formerly in her employ quite dead, and so enthusiasm was not as high as it might have been. Still, the weirdest guy in the place, with his face covered mostly by a mask approached, and within a few minutes, had accepted the job.

In addition, Charlie Bucky, a halfling sized cat [a nekomata? We're just using halfling stats but she gets 2 claws and a bite per round. Giving my gf two PCs to increase her chances of survival and to reduce reliance on too many hirelings] in plate mail with sharpened steel sheaths for her claws and a short bow caught up with Fjörgyn and was more than happy to go along with whatever adventure she had planned.

Charlie Bucky
In the morning, Fjörgyn and Charlie Bucky met her staff outside the Cauldron and discussed the plan for the day - to their surprise, she announced she wanted to leave for Gorgoroth (that was way more surprising than the warrior cat creature). Fjörgyn felt quite certain that, having slain the strange beast, the missing girl would be able to escape the perils of the underground lair and return home and if not, she was probably already dead.

Fjörgyn is nothing if not a realist.

[here the session ended as I was not prepared for a hex crawl. i explained the need to equip for the travel and the dangers that might pose, so that she could make informed decisions about what to bring. Since then, after further discussions about the nature of the game, my gf has decided that she wants to explore the dungeon a little more before moving on to the next town of Hael.]


  1. The ever faithful Zelligant!

  2. You can't give a player claw/claw/bite!!!


    Here's your mini for Chucky: