Monday, March 31, 2014

Something Strange is Afoot in Skalafell

On Friday night, I ran another session of D&D b/x for my girlfriend. This time, I ran it via chat - as we live about 800 miles apart and her internet connection isn't capable of dealing with Skype or Hangouts.

Her goal is to make it to Gorgoroth and adventure in the dungeon beneath Trelleborg, like the meetup group at my FLGS. I told her earlier in the day that there was a potential adventure in Skalafell but that she was by no means required to go on it, and that we could RP the trip up to Gorgoroth (by my calculation it's about 5 days from Skalafell, meaning lot's of opportunity for random encounters). 

After a night of celebrating with the villagers, who had given her the nick-name of "Ghoul-slayer", Fjörgyn enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at the Queen's Cauldron. An errand boy interrupted her meal with a request from Sister Rebecca to visit with her at the shrine of the Forgetful Bear to discuss a matter of some importance. 

She accepted the offer and Sister Rebecca* revealed her suspicions about a plot involving cultists spotted by Old Man Alfarinson, the released ghoul Fjörgyn had slain, and a girl who went missing just yesterday. Fjörgyn, adventurer that she is, decided to look into it (her exact statement was "Of course I will. Robed men chanting around a fire will always intrigue me!")

Before continuing further, she re-hired Zelligant, who required armor and a weapon before agreeing, but that was with the additional stipulation that he would join in combat. He also suggested his cousin Thora, the one eyed jester, as a suitable hire, allegedly handy with a weapon.

The party made their way to the dilapidated incense smoke filled shack of the odd-ball Old Man Alfarinson (something of a witch doctor mountain man hermit type) to get directions to the abandoned shrine where he had seen the cultists. 

Having gotten what they came for, and forgoing further questioning, perhaps due to the incense haze, Fjörgyn and her merry band got straight to it. 

Located among ancient burial mounds, the shrine was largely overgrown, although the vines did not cover the floor and, in fact, bore evidence of having been cut back. The secret door down was thus easily found, and after some discussion over who would go in first, Fjörgyn led the way down into the darkness.

The steps led down into a room, populated by one ugly mother of a beast - a beaked bat face furry ant-like thorax, human fore-limbs, giant bat-wings [see Realms of the Crawling Chaos]. Thora, who had moved up to fight alongside Fjörgyn was rewarded for her efforts by having a major artery severed by the crushing beak of the night beast. [She had all of 2 HP. A sneeze would have killed her.]

Zelligant seemed to grow a pair [after last session, I was ready to deem him a coward but the dice surprised me, rather than running away, he rolled a 12 and passed with flying colors], and joined the fray, but Fjörgyn, although she took damage for nearly half her hit points, managed to kill the foul beast before he had to demonstrate any possible ineptness.

We ended the session there, as she had work in the morning.

*I try to make use of just about every name I've seen in the various rulebooks. Sister Rebecca, Black Dougal, Silverleaf, etc.


  1. I still don't trust Zelligant-his gran is getting on in years, and now one less heir (cousin Thora) in her will. He does seem to like the slow play.

    1. I'm with you on that.
      Zelligant! What will he/won't he do next?

  2. My very first D&D character, Dlift the Delft, was a Thief with all of one hit point (zero being dead back then). He was always on "point" and amazingly still eventually did make it to second level. . . . It wouldn't have taken a sneeze to kill him, a mere cough would have done it.

    -- Jeff