Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Cleaning!!!

As the list of items I have acquired has grown, so too has the list of items that have not been touched, or will never actually be used in play or for future reference.

Rather than continue to take up valuable shelf and closet space (space I could use for more stuff!), I'm going through my books and minis and such and having a yard sale. Except a real yard sale would see about 1 visitor where I live, so to make it easier on everyone, my yard sale is virtual.

Here's the link to my yard sale: 

(not to be confused with my bucket of spiders blog)

If you see something you want, message me here or there or Google+ and we'll work it out. There is much more to come (including "old school" boxed sets, a lot more Reaper Bones minis, old Dragon magazines, rulebooks, etc.), I've only just started posting items.

If you think my price on something is too high, and you want it, please, counter offer!

The posts say "US only", and if I don't know you in some context, that's true.

But, if you follow this blog, or comment on this blog, or I follow you on G+, or  I follow your blog,  or you purchased a copy of 6 Iron Spikes & a Small Hammer #1, or I know you in some way, and you're not in the US, that restriction doesn't apply. Just know that shipping can be really pricey.

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  1. I live in Canada and I can verify John's comments about costly shipping. Both the US and Canadian postal services have raised their cross-border shipping costs rather excessively over the past few years.

    Items that I used to buy with minimal shipping now usually have a shipping cost so high that I no longer purchase many items.

    -- Jeff