Monday, April 7, 2014

World War Risus is Available

My Risus-based wargaming rules are available in a more organized form finally.

You can download the PDF and review it to your heart's content.

No exploration of including standard Risus PCs in a battle have been included, but my inclination is that this would not be difficult, at least if you don't mind a Pulp-y feel.

Here are some first thoughts on it:

  • Treat each character as a unit. 
  • They don't take morale checks.
  • They can use any cliche, appropriate or not, for initiative and combat, including using different cliches each turn. 
  • All damage is recovered when the battle ends. 
  • They attack enemy units at the lowest level possible (if you're smallest unit is the platoon, then when the PC attack's, they attack the whole platoon). So yes, Bob the Hairdresser can take out an entire platoon.
  • They can use the team-up rules from Risus.


  1. Nice rules :) And they do not have to be pinned :) to WWII.
    Have to try them with my Napoleonic crew one of these days

    1. Thank you Aleksandar! Yeah nothing in the rules is specific to WWII really. All of the weapon bonuses are relative to each other. If you do give it a try with Napoleonics, please let me know how it goes!