Sunday, April 13, 2014

Paint Table Saturday #3

OK, I've failed miserably on taking pictures of my paint table. On the other hand, I don't paint on Saturdays usually.

On the table right now are 4 US infantry, including an NCO and 2 BAR gunners, and a Soviet commander.

My immediate goal for my 1/32 troops are 3 units of 4 infantry + 1 NCO, and a single overall commander figure, for use with my World War Risus rules. So I'll either have 1 company, composed of 3 platoons of 5 figs each + Company HQ, or 1 platoon composed of 3 sections of 5 figs each + Platoon HQ

What you see here will give me that for the US and Soviets. 

Primed, but not pictured, are a German officer and NCO to complete my Wehrmacht "Company/Platoon." After they are done, I'll move on to support weapons - the US leads the way there with MMG, Bazooka and mortar ready to go, the Germans have a panzerfaust, and the Russians have nothing painted in that respect, unless you count the factory paint job on the Supreme Russians (it's hideous), in which case they have an ATR and mortar.

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