Monday, December 10, 2012

Sizing Up 2013

I've been spending a good deal of time thinking about how I want to spend my hobby time (and dollars for that matter) in the upcoming year, and I think I've got some idea of my plans.

Until I read this post at The Grand Duchy of Stollen, I had a number of figure painting numbers among my goals. For those of you for whom his post is tl;dr, the gist of the figure painting portion is best summed up for me by this: "A hobby should, after all, be a way of slowing down and escaping the pressures of modern life for a few hours a week...Slow down and enjoy the painting and anticipation of completing that current batch of figures, regardless of your preferred medium." 

There's really nothing I've never heard before there, except reading it jolted me into awareness. Yes, I want to get my Russians and Swedes on the table, but do I want to do it in haste or do I want to enjoy as much of it as I can? It's a project that should relax me, not stress me.

That said, I do like the motivation of some deadline and what more natural one than 12/31/2013? There will be no monthly figure count goals - only a goal to make time to paint at least 2x per month (if I don't make the time, it will not magically appear). 

Thus far, my hobby goals for 2013 look like this:
  • Build a new wargame setup including updated terrain and replacing cat hair-impaired felt.
  • Paint at least 2x per month (30 min or longer counts).
  • Design and play one historical wargame scenario (most likely WWII and Edson's Ridge)
  • Run one OSR-type game (Labyrinth Lord in all likelihood) for the local RPG group I belong to.
Possible or very likely projects:
  • 1943 Khursk - need to paint my T-34's plus purchase and paint several more.
  •  A Little Wars centenary game - featuring WWII 1/32 figures and played in the yard. If I use any kind of shooting device, it will probably be a Nerf gun. Just for the excuse of buying a Nerf gun.
    • I would want very much to do this with painted figures, which means making sure my 1/32 figures make it to the painting table.
  • More than likely, I will do NaGa DeMon again
All of the above is subject to change as I continue to think on it, but I think in some form or another, this is pretty much the list for next year.


  1. My main goal, as it were, is to complete a project before starting another one. Even that depends on the type and size of the project. I don't give myself deadlines because there is no way I can be sure I'll meet them.

    1. If I waited to start a new project until an existing one was finished, I'd never get anything done!

  2. Looks like a good list. I wished I had the room in my place to do the miniature painting and setting construction. But then when would I have time to play my xbox?

    1. the kitchen table makes a great workbench/gaming table for all sorts of miniature related activities. just put down a lot of newspaper if you want to maintain domestic harmony!

      and you can always make time to play xbox - it's research for scenario/adventure design.