Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wherein I Find Justification, No Matter How Flimsy, for Multiple Simultaneous Projects

Oh what help a little Ora-Gel can be to a teething toddler. Young Lord Shadowmoss actually slept last night, so I was able to spend some time on hobby-related activities.

Unfortunately, I had nothing planned - I figured the night would go much as the previous one had, and he wouldn't sleep and would require attention frequently and at irregular intervals.

Suddenly the value of having several projects on the fire seemed a good thing!

It is not atypical to hear a gamer lament that they've gotten involved in yet another project, while one or more other projects have yet to be finished. I, too, do this. But this is a hobby after all, and supposed to be fun, so what difference is it? (short of spending your bank account on things you will never use and thereby preventing your retirement, of course)

Indeed, because I have multiple projects, I was able to take advantage of the time (after I finished house-related chores - Lady Shadowmoss is out of town for work, but, still, I don't want her coming home to a pile of dishes and baby toys everywhere), without resorting to plopping in front of the television mindlessly watching whatever I happened to land on or clicking around the Internet without purpose.

Instead I:

  • Planned the next phases of the T-34 project
  • Test built "the box" that the hull and tracks will attach too (a hidden substructure to make the model possible, and hopefully add some strength to it)
  • Rolled up a handful of Labyrinth Lord characters to join my greatly diminished party of dungeon delving PCs.
  • Figured out a way to make use of the larger scraps of cardstock I'm producing making the tank, by turning them into a simple interior for a sci-fi scenario: Rescue Mission: A Goldielocks Jailbreak!
  • I generated a set of possible events for said game using my method for randomized themed encounters for solo gaming.
  • Sketched some spheres and cylinders (I'm learning how to draw - something I've always wanted to do, and something that is as inexpensive a hobby as you can find with the potential for lifelong pursuit. It is not directly relevant to gaming at this point, but I have no doubt it will be later)
  • Read an article in Lone Warrior #181

Not bad for two hours and no advanced planning.

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