Friday, December 7, 2012

Newest GNW Russian Unit

Last night, I finished the first unit of Russian infantry suitable for use as Byelgorodski or Astrakhanski regiments:

The usual blurry photo apologies apply!

I'm not totally happy with my painting of the facing on the coats, but at a wargaming distance, they look fine.

The figures are 1/72 Zvezda.

As a side note, this puts me 2/3s of the way to completing my December goals. Next up is to update the card-based dungeon generator with some changes for room dimensions, and then make it into a PDF. 


  1. Perhaps it is me, but when I tried using your map generator the other day, I got lots of long long corridors and some weirdly shaped rooms.

    So I had to "fudge" a bunch of things and with doing so, the map turned out okay even though some huge rooms take up a bunch of space.

    -- Jeff

    1. That's exactly the problem I had with it - although, strangely, not when I was just making maps to see if the concept worked. In the actual game however those long hallways were killer - wandering monster opportunities galore.

      Rooms with a dimension of "1" x anything bother me - but I have seen them in other dungeons, so for now I'm leaving them.

      In any case, I have a method to handle the room dimensions that reduces the room size for the most part - though it needs some testing. Ditto for hall way length (why is it that I roll high like crazy when I'm doing something like hallway length, but not when I'm rolling To Hit?)