Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sharpie Addiction + 15mm Sci-Fi Interior

I've been on a Sharpie kick the last month or so - the Ultra Fine Point to be exact. I purchased it to do black lining, but I love it for writing. I look for excuses to write things on paper, just to use one. 

It just feels fun when I use it.

As I mentioned in my last post, I found a use for the card stock scraps I'm producing modeling the T-34 (my mock-up is being done with 65 lb stock) :  making a sci-fi interior. 

Combine the two (you were wondering where I was going with this Sharpie thing weren't you?) and you get something like:

"Hey, Lou, what's with that weird tree-like thing?"
"Beats me, Joe Probably some joker trying to give the joint atmosphere."

"Spacious unfurnished studio located in the heart of a Control base. 1st, last, security. Pets OK. This one will go fast!"
It won't win any awards, but it's functional and puts some of the otherwise wasted card stock to use.

Not to mention it's an excuse to use the Sharpie.

The corridor wall started out as a rectangle 90mm wide, as long as the scrap piece (in this case, 135mm). I folded it in half and then folded out the bottom 15mm on each side (the cross section is an inverted 'T')  to make feet so the wall section stand on its own. I then glued the wall together so it stays closed. 

The result is a 30mm x 135mm corridor section.

The corridor floor, another scrap, rests on the feet.

The room is just a 75mm x 75mm x 30mm box, folded from another piece of scrap. This is probably a good deal larger than I'd like to go for a room in the base. I'm thinking 50mm for the longest edge - and if I'm going to doodle on the interior, I need to do it before I fold it. 

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