Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Brainstorm on Bloody Ridge/Edson's Ridge

While taking out the garbage last night (when all great ideas strike), it occurred to me that I could also play a game representing the whole of the Battle of Edson's ridge (or at least the 2nd night as I'm inclined to do), rather than only small semi-historical actions loosely set on the ridge.

If, instead of 6 figures representing a section, I make 6 figures equal to a company, I can field Edson's force of 8 companies (5 Raider companies and 3 paratroop companies), and with the recycling of the Japanese casualties, the two battalions of IJA.

Of course, I'm playing a game, not crafting a simulation, so liberties would undoubtedly abound. Indeed, if I pursue this, I will most likely aim for a very abstract playing surface  - more board game than terrain-covered table (not that I go through any great lengths in that respect anyway).


Does this count as yet another project? I mean if all I have to do is some research and maybe cut up some foam core. That's not a project is it?


  1. A project? No. But a refinement of a project, yes.

    -- Jeff

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I like that explanation. I hope my girlfriend finds it equally acceptable!