Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Campaign Prep for bx/LL/AEC or How I Spent My Lunch Break Today

They aren't pretty but here are two pieces of the town my players might go to next:

Visby, located in the Duchy of the Glittering Strange
The foreground is obviously the map (on an index card - the scale as a far as I'm concerned is irrelevant) while the background is a web of relationships for notable NPCs in Visby. 

The eagle-eyed zine readers among you might recognize the name of one Everly Moss. Everly appears in Loviator #8. I transplanted him from the hamlet of Dorim, as presented in the zine, to my village of Visby. He's involved in the same line of business and still has some troubles with the law, but not quite as intense as Christian gave him! My players, I suspect, will see him as a business partner.

If they spend any time in the town beyond sleeping there - it really depends on how gung-ho they are to release Chaos upon the land.

In any case, the relationship web is very messy - I think it might be better to create a table in a spreadsheet program with the names as column and row headings, and describing the relationship in the cell at the intersection.

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