Sunday, September 30, 2012

Home Again and the Rest of My Haul

Drove home today from Hurricon 2012 in Orlando, Florida.

I'll post more thoughts on the convention and such, but first, more stuff I bought that I probably shouldn't have:

Miniatures include: 15mm Rat Personalities, 18mm Kobold army, 18mm Goblin archers and horde, 18/20mm Badger Warband, 18/20mm Rat warband.
All of the above (and below) were purchased from Splintered Light. I had to forcibly remove myself from his stand. So many great 15-20mm miniatures!

Easily VG+ condition old Dragons. $3 each. I should have bough more!
To my surprise, in issue 28 of The Dragon, was an uncut pristine copy of The Awful Green Things from Outer Space!

There are some great articles in these issues which I'll be talking about in future posts as well.

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