Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Plan! (for the Russian regiments)

Last night, I pried the little buggers off their sprues and spent the next two hours playing with different arrangements of the figures until I came up with something that will work for now (please pardon the picture quality, my camera batteries are dead):

The sprue in the background is a closer depiction of the actual figure color!
In order to allow some flexibility in choice of rules, my ultimate goal will be 12 figure battalions (regiments of 24-36 figures). However, in the short term (until the 8 boxes of stuff is painted), I will go with 6 figure battalions (regiments of 12 to 18 figures).

This works out rather well, save for that fact that I have a regiment remaining without officers and a battalion of grenadiers also sans officers. For the regiment without officers (and standard bearers for that matter), I am trying to find metal figures that fit the scale or if I can acquire some loose Zvezda figures.

The other option is to use them to bring one regiment up to two 12 figure battalion strength: probably Byelgorodski / Astrakhanski since, depending on the rules, officer figures don't always matter and then I could field each regiment in the short term.

With two more boxes, the grenadiers can become a regiment unto themselves, and I would reach the 24-36 number for the other regiments - plus have the necessary officer figures (I'd still be short some standards though).

Tonight, I'm running another session of Labyrinth Lord, so I'll get back to cleaning up these figures on Wednesday or Thursday. There's not much to do except trim down some of the points where the sprues met the tricornes. Worst case, I'll bring them with me to Hurricon and spend some time in my hotel room prepping them.

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