Friday, September 21, 2012

Upcoming Gaming Plans

It's confirmed, next weekend this time,I'll be at Hurricon!

I've only ever been to one other gaming convention, and that was Historicon 2009. I expect this one to be smaller, but no matter. I didn't play in any games at Historicon (I went for the flea market and vendors), and this time I definitely will be.

I'm signed up for my first Pathfinder game (I've never played 3.5 so this will be a new experience), and 3 wargames including a game of Guts!, Rugged Adventures, and Woodland Wars (for a FIW game). Time permitting, I'll play a demo game of All the King's Men - I love their figures and while I've read the rules several times, I've never gotten to play them. I think they might be usable for the GNW.

In the meantime, I'm running Labyrinth Lord tonight or tomorrow, or maybe both.

It has been really hard to prepare for this; an email sent to both players requesting just three sentences about their characters yielded exactly zero replies. Ditto for the email where I offered 500xp for TWO sentences about the village/culture they come from. I have almost zero idea what is motivating the characters at this point, other than the desire to unleash a power they don't understand.

I've got hooks for them to get more involved with the Chaos cult if that's what they want, as well as possibilities for them to handle the process themselves, or abandon it all if that's their choosing. I just wonder how many of my hex encounters will yield enough interest for them to interact or if they'll just pursue their goal to the exclusion of everything else.

Either way, I can at least expect to have a better grasp on their direction after the next session. 

And finally, on Saturday, I'll be playing in a play-test of the Atomic Robo RPG which uses the FATE system. I have no experience with that, but Atomic Robo is a great comic strip and it features among other things, a dinosaur that uses automatic weapons.

You'd have to bar the door to keep me from playing a game like that!

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