Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Catan Dice for a Wargame Campaign?

Tonight's Labyrinth Lord session was cancelled at the last minute. Not a big deal as I'm already prepped out the whazoo for at least the next two to four sessions. The only time I "lost" was the 20 minutes I spent reviewing my notes.

Instead, I tackled removing the tiny bit of plastic left over from where the sprue connected to the tricrones on the GNW Russians. I got about half-way through before my eyes started to blur.

So, I pulled out the Catan Dice Game, since it's too late to start any kind of battle. I was reminded of a thought that occurred to me when I first got the game: it seems to me that the dice could have a place in a wargaming campaign.

Here's a photo of the dice (I pulled this off the web):

In addition to the five sides shown, each die has a gold nugget on it.

I don't think it takes much of a stretch to see potential for a wargame campaign supply system mini-game.

For ancients and medieval games (fantasy too) you could probably use the included rules as a starting point. Mileage may vary for other periods.

While I haven't worked out my own  system yet,  I have played several video games where the player has to mine/farm/harvest resources to build new towns and to handle supply, upkeep and recruitment for their forces that might serve as good models to emulate.

My hope is to design something workable, but also quick to use and fun, for my next wargaming campaign.

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