Sunday, November 11, 2012

Welcome to Visby: Labyrinth Lord Session 5

Ten days after the party had left the bandit cave, they arrived mid-morning at village of Visby, renowned for the quality of its wool in the lands south and west of the Duchy.

The party secured food and lodging and the players role played their way to an audience with the town's Sage.

To make a long story short, Wissen the Sage hired the party to capture, not kill/destroy, a ghoul which had recently begun attacking shepherds and their flocks in the northwest pastures and return the ghoul to him. The town's cleric has decreed that in five days it will be a favorable time for her to destroy the creature. The party needs to act before then.

The remainder of the session was spent with the players perusing the LL AEC for spells that could be helpful and asking questions about what they would know about ghouls. I should add here that I use a variation of the gonzo rules for magic users found at Digital Orc so they have the entirety of the spell lists available to them (save for Wish, which we all agreed is kind of a game breaker), if they're willing to wager their Intelligence (this is where I deviate from the suggestions from the Digital Orc site). By the end, they had come up with a Plan A, as well as B  and C, just in case things go horribly wrong with Plan A.

As it turned out, one of the spells requires a rather expensive gem, which they don't have. So they've made their way to Everly Moss's house based on a tip from his cousin, Molly, the bartender at The Belching Troll (Everly is taken from an issue of Loviator with a few embellishments: i made him more of a halfling pimp, and I gave him Molly as his cousin).

At that point, young Lord Shadowmoss woke up crying and needed our attention. The next session will probably be  in December.

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