Friday, November 16, 2012

The Weekend: Gaming and Game Related Goodness

For those who don't know, Aethercon is this weekend (today through Sunday). Aethercon is an RPG virtual conference ,with vendors, industry insiders and plenty of gaming tables. Looks like there's still openings at plenty of said tables as well.

I'm signed up to play in two games.

Although I've considered it, I've yet to try any gaming on Google+ Hangouts, so this will be my first online tabletop RPG experience. If I enjoy it, I may have a whole new route to pursue for gaming regularly. For the most part, the group I game with hosts their games at a store about an hour from my house. It's quite a trek and the traffic can be brutal when crossing from one side of the Atlanta metro area to the other. Sure the face to face experience is nice, but I can only afford (and stand) to make that trip once a month at most.

Saturday night is Lady Shadowmoss's regular post-LARP party where the players get together and tell their war stories from the last event. This one has special significance as the whole thing ended after the last weekend they spent running around the woods, so there will be lots of reminiscing and also the sharing of stories about the various plot threads everyone was involved in - including, I believe, from behind the GM screen (well, the figurative screen).

I have absolutely no interest in dressing up in armor and running around beating up people with foam weapons (well, maybe the latter could be fun), but I do enjoy the stories they tell, so I look forward to these parties as much as anyone. Lady Shadowmoss doesn't understand this - she can't stand hearing other peoples' RPG stories, but, for the same reason I read wargame AARs and RPG session summaries, I think there's very often something to take away: either the enjoyment of hearing a well told story, ideas for my own games, or just an understanding of how different games work.

Plus there's always fun snacks. Never underestimate the power of a good cupcake. They're like "Charm Person" in chocolate form.

Lastly, whatever spare time I do have will go towards my NaGa DeMon project. I tested it today and want to tweak the rules further before I have my Dad test it when we're up visiting my parents for Thanksgiving next week. I am close to being finished with it in the sense of NaGa DeMon's goals but, even when I am, I will continue to edit it though until I feel it's worthy of being shared with a wider audience.

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