Thursday, November 29, 2012

An Award and Link Love!

You've probably seen this going around, and now I have discovered I was nominated for a Liebster as well by Fitz-Badger on his Soweiter League blog. As an admirer of his approach to the hobby, I find it hard to believe that he has less than 100 followers. If you don't already, you should go and add him to your feed asap!

Now, according to the rules set forth, I'm to nominate five others. So, to avoid charges of laziness, I won't count Soweiter League among my five, even though it most certainly belongs there!

I follow a LOT of gaming blogs - between RPGs and wargaming, it numbers in the triple digits, so to help me narrow it down somewhat, I'm sticking with the wargaming blogs here. Besides, most of the RPG blogs have over 100 followers. So, in no particular order:

Just Another Wargames Blog - I enjoy Chris's entries about gaming with his daughter (I hope to one day game with my son, so I gobble this stuff up), DIY sci-fi scenery projects (I've got a standing order for Lady Shadowmoss's empty yogurt containers), and general musings (his post on computer aided gaming earlier this year is something I still contemplate). But even better, can you point me to another game blog that posts a recipe for pork fried rice to tie over readers until the pictures for an AAR are posted?

Saxe - Bearstein - I know Jeff has been nominated already but I would be remiss if I did not second it. I remember stumbling upon this blog early on in my wargaming life and being inspired by the pictures and campaign related advice. His Great Northern War game pictures were the first encounter I ever had with that conflict. When I decided to begin my first wargaming campaign earlier this year, I went straight to this site for his simple campaign idea. He's currently running an imagi-nations campaign over on The Alpian Wars.

Polemarch - The depth of thought that goes into these posts is staggering! If this was a college course, it'd be called The Philosophy of Wargaming. You won't find pretty pictures here, but you will find thoughtful posts on various aspects of the hobby. He posts on Saturday, but I save it to read on Sunday after young Lord Shadowmoss has gone down for his morning nap, so I can sip my coffee and give the post the attention it deserves.

Kelroy Was Here - I first found this blog when I was looking for information on Pith Helmet, but it was his Star Wars-ian Safari that totally sold me. Fun game reports, nicely painted figures, simple but effective scenery - he doesn't post often, but it's worth the wait.

Adventures in Portable Wargaming - This is a relatively new blog, dedicated to Bob Cordery's rules, The Portable Wargame. I am a huge fan of grid based wargames - especially for those with little space to game. I believe Morschauser noted that grid games are more likely to be perceived like board games and may help introduce reluctant adults to give wargames a try. I've downloaded their ECW variant for possible modification to the GNW and I'm looking forward to seeing photos of their ECW games.

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