Monday, November 5, 2012

NaGa DeMon Day 5: Mock Up and Test To Hit

Here's a picture of the game board and counters in their most abstract:
I know its's not pretty. In fact, it kind of looks like cherries.

As I read elsewhere, aesthetics can wait until you get the game working.

Well, it isn't. So the aesthetics are clearly going to wait.

After 20 turns, I had taken out 31 units of Japanese (which I'm equating to 5 infantry per unit) and only 4 had made it off the board. That has to change - I very rarely felt as threatened as I should have.  I also found my idea for shooting didn't work the way I wanted, so I've instead opted to allow the player to assign up to 5 dice in up to three adjacent columns.

You can see, too, notations like "S:6" or "S:5-6". I've decided that any unit in a space that is only partially within the zone of fire will get a save if they're hit. 

Next steps:
  • Work in the "what now?" table - Allow players to fire up to 5 dice, but any time two or more 1s are rolled, either roll on a "fumble"-type table or draw from a small deck. Ideas like "out of ammo", "jammed!", "gun has overheated!" etc. with varying effects/possible resolutions.
  • Develop Japanese attack mechanism
  • Test and see how these effect play. If necessary, shorten board width from eight spaces to six and adjust saves appropriately.

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