Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another Labyrinth Lord Session, finally!

Saturday night, we got in the third session of the Labyrinth Lord game and picked up a new player along the way. He also rolled up an elf - so that's a party of three of them.

What follows is a session report, so skip this if that's not your thing!

Euphrates and Lenny, clad in their newly acquired black armor and cloaks, and riding the draft horses they liberated from the wagon, set off towards Visby.

On the fourth day of the journey, a bright light burst forth from the backpack they had packed the gonfalon in. This was the second time it happened (the first was last session, when they pulled it from the reliquary). A short time later, they met Sephiriel, an explorer and adventuring sort who was also journeying northward and in the usual D&D fashion, it was decided he would join their little group.

A rain storm pelted the party as they came upon an abandoned manor house - ruined and overgrown.  Seeking shelter from the storm, they decided to venture in.

The first sign something up was the strange tracks by the entrance, and signs of something having been pulled across the ground - and gouges in the door obviously made by claws. Cautiously they entered (Personally, I would have ridden on and camped in the woods),

The foyer showed signs of recent scuffles complete with dried pools of blood. Still they continued.

In the first room they entered, the party found a pile of rotting, dismembered corpses. As the new guy went to take a closer look (it was his choice, not a hazing ritual), an  arm-less corpse sat bolt upright, its eyes wide open with a penetrating gaze into the elf's eyes. Sephiriel's mind was overcome with a first-person vision that he was in a dark hall, where suddenly appeared  a twisted mouth of dagger-like teeth, followed by wrenching pain in his shoulder and neck, and the blinding sensation of his arms being torn from his body. When he flashed back to reality, the corpse fell over and the new guy was badly shaken.

Here there was talk about leaving, but still they explored (seriously, I'd have left at this point), more cautiously and more than a bit freaked out.

They encountered nothing further - until 100s, possibly 1000s of small spiders dropped from the ceiling of one room, almost landing on Lenny. That broke the camel's back. When they found a secret tunnel out, Euphrates went to camp in a tree. Sephiriel and Lenny made a camp in the tunnel, barring the door on both ends. 

The monster arrived in the middle of the night - tearing its way through the woods, bursting into the house, and, with the smell of intruders fresh in the air, it tracked them to the secret door, which it then tried to bash down. The two elves raced out the other end to meet up with Euphrates, retrieved their horses, and bound off into the woods as the creature let out a bone chilling roar, a challenge and war cry.

Two out of three players seemed to enjoy the session, the sense of exploration and possible impending doom, and the sense that each room in which they didn't find it, meant they were one room closer to walking in on something they probably didn't want to meet.

The other, not so much. You can't please everyone.

Next session, which I hope to fit in between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, will see the party arriving at Visby. I hope it will be interesting and fun for all involved.

Edited on 11/5 for some terrible typos.

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