Thursday, November 1, 2012

The NaGa DeMon is Loose! - Day 1

In addition to flipping between The Exorcist, The Wolfman and various sitcom Halloween episodes, I dutifully waited for the clock to click to 12:00:00 AM before I started work on my game.

Inspired by the movie Pride of the Marines (which I viewed several years ago, and have not seen since, but which has stuck with me) as well as the fun, simple-yet-addictive Sink the Bismark, I intend to mash the two together into a solitaire game where you take the role of an M1917 crew seeking to take out as many Japanese as you can before your position is over run.

Given the waves of Japanese attackers pressing forward, I think this translates well to a solitaire game. Like Sink the Bismark, little "AI" is required to control the enemy. It also will allow me, time willing or if I find this concept is not working, to re-write the whole thing as a zombie apocalypse type game!

At this point, I have some rough ideas to dress up the game a bit, including "chance" cards (for random occurrences such as "A runner arrives with two more boxes of ammo" or "the gun overheats - no firing this turn") as well as some gambling mechanics.

In my initial research, which I began when the clock struck midnight, I was stunned to find out that Al Schmid and Cpl. Dimond were not the only ones who performed such an act with their MG - Mitchell Paige and John Basilone did as well. 

This evening's plan is to spend some time with the game mechanics.

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