Saturday, November 3, 2012

NaGa DeMon Day 3: Progress!

Last night, I spent a few hours tinkering with the layout and "to hit" mechanics for my game, which I really ought to give a name to. I'll call it "the Tenaru project" for now. It sounds fancy and secretive that way.

Anyway, after trying various methods of resolving MG fire on the oncoming Japanese, I believe I have settled on a method for now: five dice, distributed high to low, front to back, left to right.

Sounds complicated doesn't it? It's not.

Imagine a grid. Got it? Great. Your MG can fire down any two adjacent columns simultaneously (to represent arc of fire). Now imagine there are little soldiers in the grid and they're intent on putting you six feet under.

Roll five dice. Order them high to low and then distribute them one die at time, from the first target in the left column, then to the first target in the right, the to the 2nd in the left, then 2nd in the right and so on until you run out of dice or you reach the last target in the rear of the right column.

You can't double up shots on a space unless there is more than one target in the space - if you don't have five targets, then the extra dice are just that.

I'll do a better job illustrating it in the documentation for the game. All that matters to me right now is that it seems to work pretty well with a greater likelihood of eliminating the more immediate dangers while those in the back tend to be safe.

Next up, I'm probably going to change this to a hex-based rather than square-based grid. I think it will for a better aesthetic experience.

I've already visited to find the top downs I'll use for a start - although I think I'm going to need to do some surgery on the MG team. I believe, from what I have seen, that the M1917 loads from the left, not the right. Better add confirming that to my list!

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