Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Ever Expanding Dungeon: Session 8 part ii

This is part 2 of Session 8 (see part 1 here)

For the last two nights, Roderick sang the story of how the brave adventurers fought the bugbear. The tale however had grown some in that short time: the enemy had become a demon straight from the maws of hell, and Roderick himself played no small part in its demise.

During their rest, Feldspar paid the hirelings and tried to hire them back.

Trulhammar would hire on again at 5% of treasure and 50gp, whereas Fargle agreed for 10gp and a suit of leather armor.

Sister Linkat suggested that a 10’ pole might be helpful, and "perhaps maybe we could find a wizard to join us?"

[Here I turn to Mythic. Are there any in town? This seems very unlikely. Yet, I roll "exceptional yes." In fact, there are several in town passing through on a tour of the more remote villages, studying the regional lore and more naturalistic magics, etc.

I then think, surely, none would have the inclination to journey into a dungeon. Do they? Very Unlikely, but indeed one does..

Will they join as a PC? 50/50. Yes. Ok then, roll up one Chrontiphar the Handsome Magician, M:1, 5 HP

I then "play the GM"

Has the dungeon reset since? Likely. Yes.
Are the goblins still there? Very likely, Yes
Have they increased security? Yes. I decide to increase random encounters to 1-2 in goblin territory.]

The party managed to make its way back to the legendary room 17 (now the site of 2 bugbear encounters, a giant spider encounter and one with some goblins).

Outside the door, Feldspar reminded everyone that things don’t seem to go well in there - he would kick open the door and B would be ready to fire an arrow at whatever is there should it prove threatening.

He kicked the door, and nearly broke his toe. Fortunately B held her arrow [saved vs her DEX] or it would have splintered as it collided with the door at such close range..

Perceval stepped up and succeeded in forcing the door open.

An unusual site awaited the party. An apparently bored bugbear had begun to absentmindedly scrawl crude pictures on the walls. Art is very popular in this dungeon.

[Mythic again. Is it the same one they gave gold to? no.
Turn to LL rules for reaction? He seems somewhat indifferent to the party
I have B save against her DEX to to hold her shot or did she fire - B let the arrow go, and missed.
Reaction? Not happy.]

The bugbear more annoyed than anything else by the arrow which struck the wall beside him, unsheathed his sword (Perceval thought it looked vaguely familiar - similar to the one which belonged to Fader) and roared a challenge.

[initiative: party 4, bugbear 3]

At that moment, Feldspar realized what the proper tactic was in this part of the dungeon, “Run for it!”

The party took off running and left the bugbear behind.

It wasn't heroic. But they aren't heroes yet either, and wouldn't be if they kept dying in that part of the dungeon.

Rather than try to penetrate the goblin territory any further, they would seek to finish mapping the rest of the 1st level. This proved to be more productive as several new rooms were discovered and even a cache of 600 sp.

In one, Feldspar bashed down the door to the surprise of 4 orcs. One appeared to have some kind of status, wearing a purple cloak and an ornate claw necklace. Two of the others carried large sacks while the fourth was armed heavily.

Unfortunately, again, in the heat of the moment, B let fly with an arrow. And she missed again. William Tell she is not.

The orcs began shouting angrily and to the amazement of all Fargle Blim shouted back in orcish apologizing for their egregious error! [Mythic, is orc the language that Fargle Blim knows?Unlikely, yes]

This changed the orcs demeanor temporarily and Fargle took the opportunity to suggest Feldspar and Trulhammar sheath their weapons and cough up some gold. For the sum of 10 gp, the incident was smoothed over. And a bit of conversation began. 

The party learned that the orcs were on a diplomatic mission but would not say to whom. They were also vague about where they hailed from other than to say "somewhere in the complex."

When the orcs questioned why the party was there, Feldspar had Fargle relay that they were mapping the place. To what purpose? "So we don't get lost"

The orc leader laughed, "You will need more than a map to not be lost here." And with that they continued on.

How right his words proved to be:

  • Fargle Blim met her untimely death in a pit trip - B, scouting ahead and tapping the floor with the 10' pole failed to trigger the trap. Fargle, close behind her, was not so lucky.
  • B tripped a trap on a protected chest and an arrow caught Feldspar(4 points of damage!)
  • Catastrophe nearly struck again, when Perceval fell into a pit filled with glass shards. Fate was on his side this day, and his armor shielded him, mostly (2 HP damage)
  • Shortly after, B was hit by a dart trap (2 points of damage)
  • A second dart caught Chrontiphar who was dropped where he stood.
Having passed, perhaps unwisely, through a one-way secret door, and with no known exit from the dungeon available, the party would have to journey further, now wounded, battered and reduced in strength.


  1. Cue ominous background music...


    1. That would be fitting. This is the first time that I've worried that a Total Party Kill might be likely!


  2. Interesting and even a bit humorous (in a gruesome way), but not the sort of adventure I would want to be in myself. ha!

    Well, I got the Savage World rules and "The Fantasy Character Generation Toolkit", which allows you to roll up various background and events to build up a character, with Savage World skills and perks and disadvantages and all. I did "cheat" a little, in that I picked the race and gender of the character I want to play, but rolled for the rest as per the "toolkit". Turned out quite well, with some interesting tidbits. The "toolkit" is fun enough just to roll up characters with, just for the fun of it. I'll probably use it for at least some npc's that become a big part of my game/world.

    1. Hey Fitz-Badger,

      I love rolling up characters and using random tables and such to do it. It looks like I can only find the Toolkit in PDF from RPGNow. Before I sink $9.95 into a PDF, would it be suitable for other systems as well?


  3. A one-way secret door...not good.

    Yet, Perceval still lives!

    1. I have my own random generator to thank for the 1-way part.

      Every time Perceval takes a hit, I hold my breath when I roll damage. At first I wouldn't have cared, but he's been on the most delves of anyone in the party.

      If he survives this delve, he may need to reconsider his new career choice. Suddenly, being a peasant farmer doesn't look so bad when you're staring down death in some godforsaken underground labyrinth.

  4. I really love following along, thanks for sharing when and how you use Mythic and other idea generators/randomizers, it gives me a lot of inspiration!

    1. Hi Original Nerd,

      Thanks for the comment and glad you're enjoying it!