Monday, January 14, 2013

Gaming Surface Materials Acquired.

I picked up two sheets of 2' x 4' x .25" MDF and about 24 oz. of Behr "Rolling Hills" paint on Saturday.

The paint color seems suitably "old school" to me, but I may be quite wrong on that issue. Still, it evokes a "toy" feeling in me when I look at it and that's the effect I'm after. Of course, it may look rather different when there's 16 square feet of it staring me in the face.

As projects go, this is relatively inexpensive:

  • MDF - $5.95 USD a sheet ( 2 total)
  • Paint - $2.94 USD per pot ( 3 pots total - quite more than necessary)

My total (tax excluded) - $20.72

We already have the paint rollers, although I will need to pick up a paint pan liner, unless a sheet of aluminum foil will do the job.

The plan is simply to rest these sheets on my desk (which is, by its design, a 3' x 5'  kitchen table),on our actual kitchen table (same dimensions) or even the floor. When not in use, the MDF will be stored underneath a sofa or the bed, conveniently out of sight. The latter part pleases the Lady Shadowmoss, which is never a bad thing.

Depending on my confidence in the stability of the MDF where it overhangs the table, I may pick up a third sheet to allow me to field as large as 4' x 6' playing area. 

Painting should commence sometime this week. I look forward to having a surface from which I can brush away the cat hair with ease.


  1. The color looks good to me!

    1. Thanks, Chris!

      I really hope I like the look of it when it's not just a paint chip!

  2. Two suggestions, sir.

    First is to remember that the MDF has two sides . . . so you can paint the opposite side blue for Naval or black for Space, or leave it tan for Desert gaming.

    Secondly, presuming that you are getting the MDF at a "building supply" type store, most will happily cut it for you for about 50 cents a cut. Cut a 2x4 sheet down the middle making two 1x4 sections and use one of them (in the middle) to make a 4'x 5' covering for your table top.

    (The other can be saved for when you want to get a couple more 2x4 sheets to make more different surfaces as mentioned in point one).

    I also use the 1/4" bases for my 25/28mm figures; but that requires a friend with a table saw. I like the thicker bases for large figure stands.

    -- Jeff

    1. Hi Jeff,

      The cutting station was right near the MDF - I didn't even think to get a third piece cut in half. That sounds like far less potential for disaster if I bump the table.

      I plan to paint both sides but grid one of them, as I occasionally like to play such games, although a blue surface for naval or even air games might be fun (and that would justify buying suitable miniatures!).