Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Ever Expanding Dungeon + 9Qs, part 2

Q4 - Q6

Back on the trail of the creature, they found it lead to a previously unknown entrance to the dungeon. 

Rather than going into the unknown, they decided to set a trap for whatever was terrorizing the town, figuring it had to come in or go out sooner or later. 

A heavy fog rolled in, and although they heard something passing through, they saw nothing. To make matters worse, the trap failed to spring and our heroes returned to town empty handed. 

On the way back they stumbled upon a large bull elk torn in two - something scary was out there. And, unbeknownst to the PCs, it was watching them at that moment.

Going on a hedonistic shopping spree in town was, in retrospect, probably bad form, but the elk's corpse convinced all who could don it, to buy plate mail. Fortunately, by sheer coincidence, a wealthy merchant passing through town was able to convert the jewelry to coin and sell the party the desired armor.

On the way back to the dungeon, late in the day, the sun going down in the sky, a pack of ghouls (which I myself only learned was the villain in this story when the randomizer for Q6 gave me "cenotaph" and "forest") attacked the party. Malazar was struck down before the ghouls, who had lost one of their number as well, broke off the fight. 

I was somewhat disheartened by this. Malazar had become my favorite - the old man + brains of the operation. But, I live by the dice and I die by the dice - I wasn't about to fudge the roll.

Perceval, who had gone into the dungeon more times with Malazar than anyone was particularly hit hard. He strapped on Malazar's bandolier of 4 silver daggers and swore an oath of vengeance against the vile monsters.

Hindsight points out the obvious: going into the woods as night was falling was a bad plan.

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  1. Personally, even though they knew it wasn't the town's nemesis, I would have taken the ogre's head back to town to show that they were trying.

    And, yeah, going into the forest at night was not a good idea.

    -- Jeff