Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Ever Expanding Dungeon + the 9Qs: Sessions 5 and 6, part 1

Sunday and Monday night, I had a chance to continue my dungeon delve...

Malazar and Perceval (who has become a 1st level fighter - per the LL rules, any experience earned means a 0-level has to pick a class) spent some time hanging around the inn with Feldspar discussing their options. Feldspar was still sick but getting better.

Four days passed, money was getting tight and the party was getting antsy. The good news was that Feldspar had healed.

The bad news was that during this time, they learned that something may have left the dungeon in search of food and it has decided to prey on the townsfolk. Rightly or wrongly,The townsfolk blamed the adventurers for stirring things up and drawing attention to their village. They have been ordered to destroy the foul beast  - believed to be an ogre, troll or even a werewolf - or get out of town.

Meanwhile, a small party of adventurers who heard a rumor about the dungeon had arrived. Unable to find townspeople willing to accompany them as torch bearers or porters, they opted to seek out the cause of this reluctance.

Although they would have an overabundance of fighters, the parties deemed it mutually beneficial to join forces.

The new members are:
  • Fendrick the Lovelorn Spelunker (F:1),
  • Fader “12 Fingers” (F:1), 
  • Sister Linkat, Acolyte of the Hedonistic Lumberjack (C:1). 

At this point, I decided that this adventure might make a good test of the 9Qs, created by JF at SoloNexus

Unfortunately, I didn't document everything well enough to show it in action, so, I'll break the session summary up into 3 question segments as JF does when he posts them, but sadly, it will lack useful information as to how I got there. 

For those familiar with the 9Qs, my randomizers were Wilderness Words and Rory's Story Cubes.

Q1 - Q3

The party managed to track the thing to a hidden gnoll village - the sight of a fairly recent massacre apparently. A scuffle with a crazed gnoll attacker drew the attention of an ogre who took the opportunity to charge the party. Ogres are quite a challenge for a small band of adventurers ordinarily, but when the magic-user still has his Sleep spell available, well, not so much.

While searching the huts, a coffer was found. Fendrick volunteered to smash it open, was sprayed with poison gas, failed his save and died. Well, that was quick.

The treasure inside, the first real haul in 5 sessions, and somewhat miraculously undamaged by Fendrick's crude lock picking technique, netted 6 pieces of jewlery worth 2840gp. Of course the party agreed to split the treasure equally, and even remembered to bury Fendrick in spite of the joy of finding such a valuable treasure.

The party had great hopes that the ogre was the creature they sought, but his lair proved otherwise. Although the cave floor was littered with bones, they weren't human - the disappointment was eased by finding a sack of 400 gp, the ogre's treasure.


  1. Hooray! 9Qs as an interlude to dungeon delving is very cool. Soon, I'll be posting a dungeon delve *within* a 9Qs session...

    Sorry, Fendrick, and good luck to the rest of the party!

    1. I look forward to that post! While I was playing this adventure, I started to think about the 5-room Dungeon concept ( and that it might mash together quite well with The 9Qs.