Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Trouncing by G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T. on Helvetica

Finally, as promised,Day 2 of the battle at Port Guillaume Le Roy:

Bolstered by newly arrived artillery, the Riesling left prepared to advance towards the woods to their front, intent on bombarding the Sauvignon-Blanc fortress:

On Sauvignon-Blanc's left, Guillaume Le Roy provided protection for 1er Guam. The town itself was protected by the Sauvignon-Blanc steam walker and 1er Companie.

From his vantage point in the town, Colonel Duchamp surveyed his forces:

As Oberst Dietrich ordered his troops to advance, shots from 1er Companie rang out and drew first blood from Riesling's 13th Kompanie:

At the end of turn 1, Sauvignon-Blanc lizard skirmishers of 3e Guam had left the protection of the fort as 2e Companie advanced to occupy it, while the Riesling right  (6th K.and 7th K.) advanced towards the woods:

In spite of taking damage the previous turn, 13th K. pressed forward, along with the artillery and 12th K.. Again shots rang out from 1er Companie and an isolated Dietrich was killed by what can only be called a lucky shot:

Morale markers ended up on all units as a result of the army commander's death. Fortunately, Riesling resolve permeates all ranks.

As turn 2 ended, Riesling's forces had reached the woods on both sides:

1er Companie had reached the fort:

1er Guam swung out of Guillaume Le Roy to their left:

On the Riesling right, Sauvignon-Blanc left, both sides moved into position for a fire fight. Ominously, the cannon armed steam walker finally started:

Riesling sent its left most unit, 12th K., to storm the fort only to be met by fire from those elements of 2e Companie already inside:

On turn 4, all hell broke lose.

Withering gun fire from 1er Companie in Guillaume Le Roy and the Walkers devastating artillery barrage took out half of 7th K. Having sensed the futility of this frontal assault, 6th K. fell back in cover and out of range:

On the left, Riesling artillery proved completely ineffective, 12th K. failed their morale test and scattered to the wind (you just have to love G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T.'s morale mechanism), and Sauvignon-Blanc's 3e G. charged home. The ensuing melee is best described as sheer chaos - the death toll high on both sides:

The melee and carnage continued into the next turn (Turn 5):

Although some elements of 12th K. rallied, on the right, things went from bad to worse for Riesling as 7th K. broke:

At this point, with Dietrich dead, Major Heidegger ordered the remaining Riesling forces to fall back and regroup.

A cheer went up from the Sauvignon-Blanc troops.

An unquestionably clear victory for Sauvignon-Blanc!

Has the tide of the campaign changed or is this too little, too late? Stay tuned.

I'll share my thoughts on the game in another post, but I would like to point out that I was soundly thrashed by a set of solo Non-player General Rules called "Solo DBA." I still can't figure out where I found them but I believe they might be from the Solo DBA Development Yahoo! Group. They do indicate that they are based on "De Bellis Solitarius" by Chad La Mons.

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