Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Goldielocks Invasion: A Chain Reaction 3 Report

The other night, I decided to turn the one-shot Chain Reaction 3 game I had played into the start of a mini - campaign just try out the CR3 campaign system. As I had been victorious, the next scenario per the rules was The Raid.

The setup:

Although their encounter with the Control Battalion had been successful, Goldielocks [Rep 5, Star] wasn't surprised when the Ursids departed with their scotch and cigars.They're mercenaries after all and they had another job lined up. [In other words, I failed the Stay or Go test for all four Ursids]

When the call came into command that a Control Battalion monitoring station had been located in a settlement in Sector IG-88, the resistance hadn't enough bodies to assemble a new team. Either they'd have to wait to go in - which meant that Control would have more time to gather intel - or Goldielocks would have to go it alone, get in, steal the data off of their monitoring system and get out. She chose to go it alone.

The Raid:

[EAL remained at 3 from the first encounter. One PEF was placed in the monitoring station and the other two were placed per the rules for PEFs. The first PEF was resolved when it moved out of the village into Goldielocks' line of sight. It ended up being a "Here They Come Result", and both groups were the same size as my party of 1. The first "group" is a rep 4 grunt, while the second group, in the village center, is the NPC star leader, REP 5]

I opted to just use dice for In Sight on the table instead of my Decluttering Players Aid
As the Control Battalion infantry [using the PEF Movement Table] rounded the corner, Goldielocks reacted quickly and opened up on the hapless grunt with her SMG:

"That was easy. Too easy." thought Goldielocks. She didn't have to wait long for it to get annoyingly difficult.

The Control Battalion leader [using the NP Force Movement Table] burst through the building between him and Goldielocks in order to get a clear shot at her through a window:

[The resulting shoot out was costly - both sides needed to spend Star Power to avoid being taken down]

After a heated exchange, Goldielocks took advantage of a brief lull to fall back to the woods.

PEF 2 Looms Menacingly in the Background
Figuring she could swing around the village and make her way to the monitoring station that way she moved through the woods. As she approached the edge of the woods, she cursed under her breath. "Damn it! More CB!"

[Resolved 2nd PEF. Another C result. Both groups ended up the same size as my party. Both were Rep 4 grunts. In Sights were rolled]

A hail of bullets later and the two grunts had been knocked out of the fight:

The markers say Knocked Down, but they were actually OOF
"Nighty night creeps!"

Realizing the enemy leader was still in the village, Goldielocks figured he'd be able to get plenty of shots off at her if she tried to run without going for some kind of cover. She checked her clip and took off running for one of the buildings in the village.

A spray of bullets riddled the door frame as she slammed the door shut. She thought to engage the enemy in a firefight but decided that she would be better off trying to make it to the monitoring station to put some distance between them.

To her surprise the monitoring station was empty [The PEF resolved as Nerves and the EAL went up to 4 - which has no effect this game, but will effect the next scenario]. She immediately set about downloading the contents of their server to her data pack.

Meanwhile, the Control Battalion leader made his way to the monitoring station.

He burst in on Goldielocks but she was waiting.

The exchange was brief:

Not to take any chances he'd get back on his feet [he was out of Star Power and could only get back to stunned], she opted to take him out:

As soon as the data finished transferring and she had replaced the contents of the server with garbage, she slipped out of the station to work her way back to base, a trail of bodies in her wake:


  1. Great game! You need a close up shot of Goldielocks! She rocks!

  2. Thanks, Chris! I tried to get one of Goldielocks celebrating her victory but my cell phone camera wasn't up to the task. I really need to get out my digital camera -it's not great, but it beats the cell phone!

  3. I have found that for most things, a point-n-shoot digital camera with the macro setting on, does the job.

  4. Nice little game. I always thought you don't need tons of figures to have a fun game and this one fits the bill. Thanks for playing and posting.