Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goldielocks and Her Four Bears on Patrol

I had some time tonight and decided to play a quick game of Chain Reaction 3: Final Version.

I played the patrol scenario.

My "guys":

Goldielocks (Rep 5, Star, Leader, smg)
Ice (Polar bear, Rep 5, assault rifle)
Blackie (Black bear, Rep 4,assault rifle)
Brownie (Brown bear, Rep 4, assault rifle)
Asia (Asiatic Black bear, Rep 4, assault rifle)

Goldielocks and her team were sent to patrol Sector: Ben 1-9:

Enemy Activity Level was at a 3.

The first Possible Enemy Force (PEF) was just a case of nerves.

"It's OK fellas, Ben 1-9 is a sketchy place. But I'll protect ya'" teased Goldielocks.

Expecting an attack from woods to the north or the hill to the west, Goldielocks ordered the squad to fan out into position to defend from both directions.

The next PEF made its way towards Goldielocks and company:

A squad of three Control Battalion troopers (all Rep 4, all armed with assault rifles) out on patrol for resistance elements rumored to be in Ben 1-9 appeared at the wood's edge:

in-sights taken all around except Goldielocks who doesn't have LOS
Brownie locked on the trooper opposite him and blasted away.

"OD baby," growled the brown Ursid, partly boasting partly just stating fact.

Ice accepted the challenge and fired on the middle trooper, knocking him out of the fight:

Blackie and the remaining trooper engaged in a back and forth firefight that lasted quite awhile with neither side gaining the edge. Finally, Blackie scored a hit that dropped the trooper (out of fight)

Unfortunately, the trooper kept his cool during the hail of gun fire and caught Blackie looking:

Goldielocks moved on to scout the next section while the rest of the squad took out the two knocked down troopers.

The third and final PEF entered the woods and turned out to be nothing.

Goldielocks and the bears finished their patrol - victory for the resistance!

"Brothers Grimm, this is Goldielocks. The porridge is just right but we've got a bed that's too soft"

"Roger that Goldielocks. The Pumpkin Coach is on its way with a fairy godmother for the bed."

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