Monday, June 18, 2012

Free RPG Day

Seems like everyone is posting their loot, so who am I to resist?
The nearest store to me that participated in Free RPG Day is about an hour from my house.  So, given my questionably reliable car, with no A/C, a 9 month old and a typical Georgia humid and hot day, I opted to forgo the trip - freebies or not and never mind that with the baby, I couldn't participate in any of the gaming events at the store (the prerequisite to get freebies there). To my delight, Noble Knight Games was participating (with each $15 spent you could choose something). I went for the funky dice, but more importantly, I purchased a copy of Tunnels & Trolls 5th ed. 

I've been somewhat enamored with the game since I downloaded the freebie intro rules and Goblin Lake solitaire adventure(which I still haven't survived!). I can't wait until the rules arrive!

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