Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Battle at Port Guillaume Le Roy, Day 2: The Setup

To my surprise, I had time last night to set up and play out the 2nd day of the Battle at Port Guillaume Le Roy (part of my ongoing imagi-nations campaign).

Sauvignon-Blanc would have to defend their capital on Helvetica once more against the Riesling steam-roller.

I did my best to set up the table identical to last time as far as terrain and scenery, but troops would differ. I rolled for losses recovered for both sides,and as the victor, Riesling received a reinforcement unit: a medium gun with 4 crew. The gun was chosen, rather than returning all units to full strength due to the loss of the steam tractor - see here and here

 As the loser, Sauvignon-Blanc had the morale of one of its units reduced, while Riseling enjoyed an increase of morale for one unit. Both sides consolidated their under strength native units to form 2 full strength units. Riesling had 4 remaining natives - a half company - I decided they would be assigned as a guard to the army leader, Oberst Dietrich, and then promptly forgot them when I set up the armies.

The weather held - but I decided that I would use a simple up/down modifier generated by rolling 1 green die (up) and 1 red die (down), adding them together to yield values from -5 inches to the base movement rate up to +5 inches to account for patches of soggy ground and very very dry ground (most rolls fell between -2 and +2 inches). I ruled that I would have to issue my order to a unit before the roll, whereas for the Non Player General, I would roll first before evaluating the available options.

For the supply roll, I ruled a -1 adjustment as neither side would have time to truly resupply. Supplies for Sauvignon-Blanc, as could be expected for a force fighting in and around its capital was adequately supplied, but Riesling supply lines, stretched thin as it was, could not meet the needs of the troops on the front. A unit was chosen to suffer a morale penalty.

Once again, I played Riesling and the Solo DBA rules (I think they're a later re-edit of these) guided Sauvignon-Blanc.

Speaking of, I rolled for Colonel Duchamp's disposition this battle and got "Aggressive." This was counter to how I would have imagined,but I remained committed to play it as I rolled it.

I laid out my force as desired but using blinds - 1 card for each unit, plus 1/2 as many blanks.   In this way, my troops might not be where I wanted them to be. Per the solo DBA rules, I rolled for the placement of cards for Suavignon-Blanc (1 card per unit and 1/2 as many blanks -1).  When all were set, I flipped them over and placed troops on the table.

Here's how the table looked prior to the first turn:

Dawn looms over Guillaume Le Roy as the two sides prepare for battle.

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