Monday, June 4, 2012

Obligatory Monthly Goals Post

In less than 30 days the year will be half over, so what do I hope to get done this month?

If you've set any goals for the year (I know not everyone does - it's a hobby after all!), now is he time to evaluate your 2012 goals and make some potentially tough decisions.

I'm on target with my three main goals.

While the Pacific Island Assault game is almost ready to go, realistically, I may not get all of the figures painted for my Morschauser/Great Northern War project. I've also made a change to that (again) - I'm going to individually base the figures and use movement trays to play by Morschauser's rules. I think the individual basing will give me more flexibility over all.

My  biggest concern is that I've already painted more figures this year than I ever have and I don't want to burn out. So, this month, rather than rushing ahead to the first box of GNW infantry, I'm going to make a tiny dent in my 15mm lead pile. They paint fast and are for the most part support for figures I already have, so I can game with them immediately.

So, without further ado, I present my June 2012 goals:

  • 10 posts to blog
  • The next Helvetica campaign game (probably G.A.S.L.I.G.H.T.)
  • At least 1 session of The Annwyn Investigations
  • 1 doz. paper palm trees
  • 6 Sherman M4A2 paper flats
  • 2 105mm howitzer paper flats
  • 1 log bunker (print and fold)
  • 2 pill boxes (print and fold)
  • 2 Japanese artillery pieces (paper flats again)
  • 4 15mm Khurasan Sepulvedan Resistance
  • 3 15mm Irregular porters
  • 5 15mm Irregular askari
  • 2 15mm Irregular British soldiers

Are you making the progress you hoped? Were you a touch unrealistic? What would give you a satisfying 2012 hobby-wise?

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