Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DragonCon 2014 Loot

Last year, I went crazy buying stuff in the vendor halls, but this year, I am happy to say, I stuck to my budget (I came in under even!) and my shopping list, for the most part.

The Bounty

So what did I get?

First I got Kulok & Dunlop, a comic book, which was a gift from a player in the b/x session of the Purple Worm Graveyard I ran - a thank you, if you will. He was at the con to promote the comic.

I had my first session as a player right after, and I got a chance to play Dungeon World for the first time. More on that in another post, but clearly I liked it , as I went to the vendor hall after and bought the rulebook. With the MVP for that game (by default, I was the MVP as none of the other players were still around when the GM remembered to give it out) I got $5 off at any vendor:Dungeon World at 20% off. W00t! 

I made my obligatory stop at the Chessex stand, too late for the official DragonCon d6, which they had sold out of much earlier in the day. Still, I wanted casino dice and they had pairs of cancelled casino d6 for around $5 and I bought a pair.  They rock.

I also picked up the three "Axis & Allies" flag dice (the 1 pip is replaced by a country's flag) that I didn't buy last year - I use these to remind me which side has initiative in a wargame. In my opinion, they are too badly rounded due to polishing to be "fair" dice.

I got another MVP, this time by unanimous vote, for my role as a village elder in a game of Ganakagok (which I had an awesome time playing but more on that in another post, too), and took that to the vendor hall on Monday, hoping to find some sort of fire sale or some such, but no such luck. 

I wasn't going to spend my $5 on the Ogre game - it was on my list already and is only $2.95. As soon as I saw someone post it on their blog, I knew I had to have it to see what the Ogre fuss was all about - having heard of it for years but never having seen it.

So, I went off list, and considered De Profundis (which I still might get, because it can be played solo), but bought tremulus, which is the Apocalypse World engine ported for use with Lovecraftian horror (much as Dungeon World is ported for fantasy) - that's how much I liked the game of Dungeon World. Call of Cthulhu is fun to play, but it doesn't fit my running style - the World games strike a chord with me and I am hopeful I can run some short mini-campaigns or one shots in the next year. 


  1. GEV (which is OGRE without the Ogre) was the first wargame I ever bought. It was $3.95.

    But I think OGRE is one of the best examples of how constraints can spur creativity.

    Steve Jackson was just supposed to create a future mechanized combat game. But it had a limit on counters. Too few to allow for much variety. Then he realized, if one side only had one unit...

    1. Hi Stu Rat, I think that last paragraph of yours should be part of the marketing. It's got me excited to give it a go!

  2. Somewhere, I have have both Ogre and G.E.V. I probably paid about $4 for them, too. I sounds like the backpack you mentioned in a previous post got a good workout!

    1. Hi Chris,
      Both I and the backpack got quite a workout I ended up carrying my caffeine supply with me (it was $4 for a bottle of Mt. Dew at the hotel) which added quite a bit of weight!