Friday, September 5, 2014

Skalafell : Danger at the Evil Wizard's Tower (part 1)

This took place two sessions ago,  played prior to DragonCon. I think we played for maybe an hour - hence the brevity.

Per her orders from her new teacher, the Evil Wizard Inhabiting Sister Rebecca's body, Fjörgyn made preparations for her expedition to clear out any possible inhabitants from his long abandoned tower.

After a short journey into the woods, she spied the tower in a clearing, its door open a bit, a shiny brackish splatter around head height. Fjörgyn just shrugged it off as probably just blood: "Whatevs." (that's a paraphrase but it shows far she's come since wanting to run away at the first sign of danger back in March!)

She carefully peered in using her infravision before igniting a torch and heading inside. The main room was largely empty but for two stairwells and something giving off some heat in a terrarium above the fireplace. She opted for the steps up, which led to a sitting room of sorts, with two doors.

Trying one of them, she was electrocuted, mildly and so decided instead to kick open the other door.

There, on a bed, in perfect stillness, undisturbed by her dramatic entrance, was a man, above whom floated a green swirling mist. Wasting no time, Fjörgyn pulled a stake from her bag and plunged in into the Sleeper's chest. 

Green Mist by DarkGX
The mist swirled and bloomed into a spectral visage of the Sleeper's face twisted into silent angry howl before rushing into the nostrils of the body, which then sat bolt upright, in no particularly good mood.

The stake had missed the mark and a fight ensued with the man who eventually loosed 3 unerring bolts of magic light at our poor hero, who fled the tower somewhat worse for wear.


  1. Oops! Better luck next time, eh?

    -- Jeff

  2. One drawback to the solo game. She'll never know the joys (i.e. making it harder for the DM) of splitting the party.

  3. This was Fjörgyn's actual reaction to that shiny brackish splatter.
    - Alright, probably just blood and guts. Fjörgyn walks past and drags her finger through the blood and guts while whispering "mmmm... tasty".
    That crazy elf!

    1. Oh. My. Googlesearchengine!

      I think I went to High School with Fjörgyn.

      Does she just giggle for no apparent reason? Cuz if she does-that's totally her.

  4. Ouch! Stupid green mist. Enjoying hearing about your various rpg play, con and otherwise. We had two sessions of Dungeon World. I thought it was interesting, but it looks like the GM wants to port the game over to 5e. I have no clue as I have not really role played in almost 30 years. I'll play whatever but D&D went off the rails for me in 2nd Ed. We'll see if we can get the campaign back on track. After the second session we had some scheduling conflicts and no word since.

    1. Good luck getting the campaign rolling again! Scheduling conflicts can suck the life out of a game. The GURPS campaign I'm going to be playing in has scheduled and rescheduled 6 or so times now. We MIGHT be playing in October.