Monday, September 29, 2014

My Yard Sale

Get this stuff out of my house!

Everything is paperback unless otherwise indicated. Consider it all to have shelf wear, to have been read (not always true) and in good condition, unless otherwise indicated. Many are in much better condition but I don't feel like taking the time to take pictures.

Prices are, well, pay what you want.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments.

Here's the deal: If you want anything, 1 thing or 2 things, or even 20 things, leave a comment. First come, first serve. I'll let you know if you are first (this is being advertised in more than one place) and we'll work out the shipping details
What do I want? For starters, you pay shipping. And tracking if not included in your shipping method of choice. And insurance if you want it. All payment via PayPal. Those of you outside the US, please be aware that shipping is ridiculous.

If you're in the Atlanta metro-area and want to come and pick it up, you're off the hook for any cost.

For those who feel compelled to give me something in return, here's what I'd be happy to receive:
cash (via paypal unless it's in person), gift certificates to DriveThruRpg or

Labyrinth Lord
Labyrinth Lord : Advanced Edition Companion (Pending)
Uresia: Grave of Heaven d20 System (Pending)
Space: 1889 (Pending)
Monsters of the Endless Dark, d20 System
Points of Light Campaign Setting
Points of Light II : The Sunrise Sea Campaign Setting
Basic Fantasy RPG (Pending)
Unframed (coffee damaged)
Devilmount (Pending)
Tegel Manor (revised and expanded, water damaged) (Pending)
City Book I
Whitehack (Pending)
Legends of the Samurai (hardcover) (Pending)

Nuts! 2.0
Captain General, Pike and Shot Society
Peiper at the Gates (Two Hour Wargames, Nuts! scenarios)
War Against Japan (Two Hour Wargames, Nuts! scenarios)
Featherstone's Skirmish Gaming, John Curry Reprint (Pending)
Featherstone's Battlenotes for Wargamers, Solo Edition, John Curry Reprint
More Wargaming Pioneers, vol. 4, John Curry
Military Modeling Guide to Wargaming by Stuart Asquith
Terry Wise's Introduction to Battlegaming, John Curry Reprint
Warfare in the Age of Reason (Kind of beat up)
Wellington Rules
DBN 1.0
Volley & Bayonet (status markers uncut)

Battlegames #27
MWAN, #75,  vol 13. No. 5, May/June 1995
MWAN, #76, vol 13, No. 6, July/August 1995
MWAN, #77, vol 13, No. 3, September/October 1995
MWAN, #78, vol 13. No. 4, November/December 1995

From Pike to Shot : 1685 - 1720 by C.S. Grant (Pending)
Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces: Uniforms and Equipment 1932-45, Osprey (Pending)
The Kobold's Guide to World Building (Pending)
Uniforms of the Imperial Russian Army by Borris Mollo, c1979, Blandford Press, Hardcover
U,S. Marine Rifleman: 1939-45: Pacific Theater, Osprey
The French Foreign Legion, Osprey (Pending)
The French Foreign Legion by Douglas Porch (pretty beat up, underlined, highlights, etc)


  1. I'd like the Featherstone Skirmish Gaming reprint if available.
    Zip 55433


    1. Hi Stu Rat,
      It's yours! I'll let you know the shipping and such in an email, as soon as I get a chance to pack it and weigh it.



  2. I'm interested in the Grant "Pike to Shot" book . . . depending upon the shipping cost to Canada.

    -- Jeff

    1. Hi Jeff,
      I'll hold it for you. As soon as I can pack it and weigh it, I'll let you know the shipping.


    2. Look for the least expensive (even if slow) rate . . . I know that the US has recently really jacked the prices up to ship out-of-country.

      -- Jeff

  3. I'm interested in Tegel Manor, depending on how water damaged.

    1. Hi Brett,
      I messaged you on G+ with a picture of a sample of the water damage. Whitehack is held for you. You can message me on G+ about Tegel and with a location to send either just Whitehack or both, and I'll get you the shipping cost.

  4. Three eager damage of fine so i'll take both. I'll send the address separately.

    1. Wow. Major auto check fail.

    2. Sounds great Brett, I've set them aside for you.

  5. I would be interested in the following:
    Uresia: Grave of Heaven d20 System
    Space: 1889
    Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces: Uniforms and Equipment 1932-45, Osprey
    The Kobold's Guide to World Building
    The French Foreign Legion, Osprey

    If still unclaimed.

    1. Hi SeaofStarsRpg,

      There's quite a line for Kobold's Guide to World Building but everything else is available.

      Drop me a line with your shipping info to john DOT yorio AT gmail DOT com [remove all the spaces] and I'll get it boxed up and weighed and send you the shipping cost.


  6. City Book I, and the Points of Light setting books, shipping for 98121.

    And thanks!

    1. Hi Jon,
      These are yours!
      I'll get you the shipping as soon as i can.

    2. Any idea on the cost to ship the Grant book to Canada ( V9N 1G5 ) yet?

      -- Jeff

  7. Would love the Battlenotes for Wargamers book, and the skirmish book by Featherstone if that falls through too
    postage to 02842 in the US

    Thanks a lot matey!

    1. Hi Paul,
      The Featherstone skirmish book is sold but Battlenotes for Wargamers Solo ed. is still available.
      I'll get you a shipping quote as soon as I can.

  8. If you're still waiting to hear from me for a quote, fear not! I have tracked what every one wants, but unfortunately, between a shortage of supplies and a general shortage of time, it's taking me awhile to get quotes together. thanks for your patience!