Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Ever Expanding Dungeon : Session 33 (by my probably inaccurate reckoning)

we rejoin our heroes as they climb up the stairs.

Room 1 - Guardian, Chaos 6

Setup: The party climbed the steps up to the next level, as they did so, they heard the unmistakable click of a trap engaging.

Does the scene setup hold? 6, yes
I rolled up a trap using a sheet I made up for improvising in my Trelleborg dungeon - I rolled a 2, which is ye old scythe trap. 1d8 damage, save for half damage,

I decided with 4 ranks, each rank had a cumlative chance of tripping the trap.
Did the 1st rank trip it? 25%, 71
Did the 2nd rank trip it? 50% 01, exceptional yes.

An axe blade of enormous proportion on a pendulum sliced across the party - the blade caught both Lykidas and Leegand. Lykidas, spry for a one eyed magic-user, avoided the danger mostly, but Leegand was not so lucky (not very nimble for a thief I guess).

[Of course both failed their save and Lykidas took 2 HP, while Leegand took a life threatening 7. Even after binding his wounds he was only at 3 HP.]

Having tended their wounds, and with admonitions for everyone to be more cautious, the party continued their climb. At the top of the steps, they came to a large steel banded wood door.

Leegand searched the door for traps and gave the all clear when he found none. He and Eomond each pressed an ear to the door, but could hear nothing on the other side.

[Leegand and Eomond listen - Do they hear anything? 6, no
Leegand checks for traps - 17, fails]

Room 2  - Roleplay/Puzzle, Chaos 6

Setup: Eomond kicked in the door while Runolf stood at the ready. As the door swung open, the light from a circle of flame around a pedestal lit their faces. Upon the pedestal sat a large gem.

[Does the setup hold.?3. No.. Interrupt]

As Eomond kicked in the door, Maglom, who was protecting the party’s rear, called out “something is approaching!”

from some Disney movie i have not seen, but now must.
Seven angry-looking green-skinned orcs [are they members of the delegation the original party once met? 93, nope] came charging up the steps

[The orcs were generated using the D30 DM Companion. They can only go 2x2 just like the party .

Maglom will swing away with her war hammer
Zilliniy will move up to aid Maglom
Lykidas will hurl a dart
Leegand will fall back to use his sling from the top step
Ygg will advance to the 2nd rank with Runolf who wends his way down. Eomond will make sure nothing comes from the room

Orcs 5, Party 3
Do the orcs have missile weapons? Unlikely.26, yes

The first rank has hand axes
the 2nd rank spears
the third rank has short bows
the fourth rank has a sword and is the leader

First rank attacks:
Orc attacks zilliniy - hits - 5 HP
Orc attacks maglom - hits - 5 hp

2nd rank with spears
Orcs attack ziliny 13, miss
Orc attacks maglom - 8, miss

3rd Rank
Fires at Ygg - 7 misses
Fires at Leegand - hits for 2 HP - Leegand is down to 1!

Good lord.]

Leegand dove into the room, without worry about what might be waiting, while Maglom sliced up one of the orcs (but it still stands) and Zilliniy and Lykidas were ineffective.

[Round 2
Maglom will fall back and Ygg will take her place
ZIlliniy will fall back and Runolf will take her place
Eoomond will move down as Zilliniy and maglom fall back
Lykidas will cast sleep once they are past him

Party 6, Orcs 2]

Runolf and Ygg embarassed themselves and the less said the better. Thankfully, Lykidas, who had begun the incantation for a Sleep spell, was able to get it off without a hitch.

[Lykidas’ spell goes off - 7 HD.
Are Runolf and Ygg effected ? 50/50 - 45, yes.]

Unfortunately, Ygg and Runolf were in the way and they dropped to sleep along with the first 2 ranks of orcs.

[Do the orcs break? Roll 1d8 if greater than yes, otherwise no. 3, nope]

The 2 orc archers fired at the magic user - and missed him!!! 

[I pretty much did a happy dance.]

The one with the sword swore a lot at the two incompetent bowmen.

In relative safety, Leegand tended to his wounds. [He regained 1 HP. up to 2HP. Not even remotely close to the edge of the woods, let alone out of them. ]

[Round 3
Lykidas will fall back while Runolf charges the Orc
Zilliniy will fire her bow before he does so

Party 5, Orcs 3

ZIlliniy shoots and hits one of the archers - 3HP, but still standing
Eomond crashes into the orcs but fails to do any damage
Maglom runs down behind him to assist - but is of little help]

As the party closed in for a relatively ineffective melee, the archers drew short swords and start swinging but were equally ineffective.

[Round 4
Zilliniy will try to shoot at the leader over everyone’s heads (-1 on roll)
Eomond and Maglom keep fighting

Orcs 3, Party 2

Maglom is hit for 3
Eomond is hit for 5

Zilliniy shoots at leader 17, hts!!! and kills him!
Maglom hits - for 3 HP
Eomond - hits and kills one of the archers]

With the leader and the other archer dead, Maglom shouted to the lone remaining orc to surrender or die.

[Does the orc surrender? No and will turn and run

Round 5

Orc 3, Party 2]

The orc, undoubtedly fearful of the safety of his life at the hands of such vicious killers, turned and ran away. As he reached the bottom of the steps, the Zilliniy loosed an arrow.

[I ruled -2 to hit: 19!  and drops him.]

Everyone bound their wounds and then woke up the sleeping Ygg and Runolf

A thorough search the orcs resulted in no coin and some reflective questions about the line of work the party members had chosen.

With many badly injured, returning to town was the obvious choice, And so, licking heir wounds they made their way down the steps.

[1, wandering monster , 5 Dwarves.



  1. Nice report - plenty of action (and a bit of nail-biting)!
    That Disney pic looks vaguely familiar...

    Sounds like you had a good time at DragonCon, and made some good purchases.

    1. Thanks Fitz-Bager! If you happen to discover the name of that Disney movie, please let me know!

      DragonCon was a blast - I still have two more posts coming.


    2. At first I was thinking Black Cauldron, but that wasn't it. They are actually Maleficent's goons from Sleeping Beauty!

    3. Thanks Fitz-Badger!! I haven't seen Sleeping Beauty in ages. I'll have to watch it again and pay closer attention!

  2. Zilliniy's a little terror with that bow! I like that she shoots fleeing orcs in the back.

    1. Nasty Zilliniy. I mean killing a poor fleeing orc like that. What about the orc's mother, partner, and children. Now they'll grow up hating humans. The circle continues. ;)

      John, I thought the picture was from Robin Hood but the main guards are Rhinos. (BTW have you seen the Doctor Who and Robin Hood episode?)